Salmon liquid oil

(M) #1

Due to bloating from adhesions and acid reflux from dairy I have begun taking vital choice liquid salmon oil for added fats. I eat about a tablespoon and a half. The only ingredients are Alaskan salmon oil and mixed non gmo tocopherols. Should I be concerned about the soybean tocopherol ? It taste a bit alcoholic. I kind of feel like I’m eating a supplement and it’s not good. It says it is nsf certified. Does anybody know if that is a good certification. Am I taking something that isn’t really salmon oil? I’m scared of supplements but even more scared of not getting enough calories comfortably and ketogenically. I stopped the canned cod liver because I found out it is extremely high in PCBs and though I did have a vitamin a deficiency I am bound to get an overload eating 2 tablespoons a day.