Running - new category within the Exercise forum


This forum is not geared to athletes, but I think that more and more athletes will be heading this way.

Endurance running is exponentially growing in popluarity, as the keto WOE is doing too.

I lift weights and I ride a bike (sometimes) and I participate in other sports, but nothing is like running. Running as a form of training where you try to get faster at nearly every workout is tough - it gets to the heart rate like nothing else.

Running at the training level (beyond exercise) is VERY difficult when starting the keto WOE. I think that it deserves its own category. It seem oddly missing when there is a bicycling category.

What to eat the night before, in the morning, right before, and during a run are questions that are frequently asked in other groups. The answer for during a run is particularly reliant on the fat-adapted status of the individual and is different from bicycling, for example, because it must be carried.

This is the only good, searchable and Googleable forum where the data can be available to the world. This area is so new, that the answers to those questions will likely vary with time and many other circumstances.

Please add a Running category within the Exercise forum. I am sure that in time (especially as Dr. Volek shares his studies more) that it will get used a lot.

(Allan Misner) #2

Good one. I have many clients that are going toward keto that struggle with training and races.

(Melanie Marie) #3

“Running” would be helpful to us petty criminals, as well. Also, with the pending zombie or government induced apocalypse, I do wish to ensure I could still have my endurance and stamina intact despite being keto. Great suggestion!

(Hunter Hankley) #4

It would be great to have a running category. I started using a keto WOE to complement my endurance running.

(Jim) #5

Well said! I agree adding a running category would be helpful. I’ve been keto for about a year and at 58 a runner for decades. Would love to hear about other runners who are living the keto lifestyle. It’s been interesting to see the trend of ultra-distant runners going keto. Administrators please consider this request. Thanks!