RSS feed coming?

(Gaby Abed) #1

To transfer some of the interactivity that was in FB, such as notifications of new posts, any plans on creating RSS feeds, by forum, if not by topic?


(Guardian of the bacon) #2

I don’t know how or why but I receive notifications when their are replies to posts I’ve replied to.


The Topic Controls at the end of the thread or forum give you different options for what notifications you receive.

There are also settings in the user preferences for other notifications, and the ability to unfollow previous selections.


I’m not familiar with a way to incorporate the forum notifications into an RSS reader. There are controls for different levels of notifications that show up in the app and browser.

@larry might have more information on rss.

(Gaby Abed) #5

Thanks all. Probably would help if I didn’t do this solely from my phone, on vacation. Will check those options out when I get to a PC.