Results going slow this time around


Hi all,
I was keto last year and got pregnant, so my doctor told me I had to stop. Anyway, I’m on keto again and I feel amazing…but results are going a lot slower than last time. I’ve lost 12 pounds in my 36 days. I’m consuming 20 carbs or less per day. My macros are 70% fat, 5% carbs, and 25% protein. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas?

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You’ve lost 12 pounds in 36 days and you’re disappointed? I don’t understand. That’s nearly 2 1/2 pounds per week. That would total 125 pounds in a year. Some of it was water the first week or two and there’s no way you’re going to sustain 2 1/2 pounds lost every week for a year and stay healthy. Even so, I don’t know why you’re disappointed. Maybe you just need a reality check. Hopefully other more experienced folks will provide it.

%s mean nothing. To provide any useful feedback please tell us what you’re eating and how much of it you’re eating. The more specific details you provide the more useful responses you’ll get. It would also help to describe yourself physically and any health issues you have. If you’ve already done so elsewhere, a link would be nice. Best wishes.


You lose fat quick, wow! Unless most of the weight was water.
I lost 4 pounds (all water) in 2 months the first time… Just saying, of course everyone want to lose fat (who needs it) quicker than 0 per year (maybe a bit less) as me… I was very very pleased with my 1.2 kg fat-loss per month (2.6 pounds) in the past but I am someone who can’t lose or gain quickly. And I had only, like, 70 pounds to lose? If you have even less to lose, it’s not very realistic to expect some super quick fat-loss. Even some very fat men can’t lose fat at a normal pace, just super slowly. And it doesn’t matter what it happened in the past. I lost fat easier 10 years ago with less exercise (exercise always helps me), more carbs, similar amount of calories and the same amount of body fat… We change. Our body may decide on focus to do something else, not lowering the number on the scale…
Various things may interfere, stress, sleep, certain items…

Percentages aren’t important, do what suits you and we can’t have any idea about it especially without grams. Our needs are in grams. Ketosis happens if the carb intake is low enough (the limit may vary, of course), not when it’s at some popular fixed percentage.
And one may overeat with these percentages or starve, lose muscles rapidly… These numbers aren’t informative. I don’t even need my macros to be in some tiny range, I may eat twice as much protein than fat or vice versa… It’s not about percentages but many people likes them more fixed. Not necessarily following the 70/25/5 rule/advice, no idea what that is but it sounds silly. If 25% protein is less than our need, it’s wrong. If 5% carbs is higher than what works for us, that’s no good either…

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Twelve lbs. in a little more than a month - that’s great!!!

I’m not sure you’re doing anything wrong. I think what is most helpful is keeping the carbs under 20/day. My only suggestion would be to relax about your WOE, eat to complete satiety within your macros, and don’t hyper-focus on tracking and how much weight you are losing how fast. For me, other than getting a starting weight, I ditched the scale immediately and only got weighed at the doctor’s. From years of conventional “dieting,” the scale was very traumatizing to me - it didn’t matter if it was good or bad - it would still mess with my head. Your body has a lot of healing to do from years of SAD eating and then just having a baby. Enjoy your meals and eat to the point that you are completely satisfied until your next meal. Then, just live each day without your diet on your mind. The weight loss will come in its own time.

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Girl, you got this! I would be happy with that weight loss at that pace. But if it was faster last time, it makes sense that you are frustrated. I would trust my body to go at it’s new pace. Your food is fabulous. You know exactly what you’re doing. Be patient. You have a different body now. Maybe ditch the scales for a couple months and only pay attention to how you feel and your clothes. Guaranteed that if you stick with your current plan, you’ll get there. Nothing to change. You’re great!

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Are you breast feeding? I’ve heard that can slow any type of weight loss.


Thank you all! I think this is realistic because I lost weight faster last time. Yes, I just had a baby, so my body has changed. That is probably it. I’m sticking under 20g carbs a day and eating mostly meat and veggies. Thank you for all the replies!


You’re doing great. Things change–our bodies change, environments change, habits change. It won’t be exactly like the first time even if you eat exactly the same food because maybe your sleep is different now and that’s affecting your hormones differently than last time. Just continue to limit your carbs, prioritize protein, and eat fat to satiety.

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My metabolism changed a lot after I had my first baby and weight loss became much more difficult. This was 36 years ago, so no keto but the situation was similar. Easy weight loss before baby - stubborn fat and slow weight loss after.

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Yep, yep, and yep.