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I’ve been reading about resistant starches on this forum and hope someone can help explain it in simple, easy to understand language for me. I have looked up previous posts on this topic. I did read through the “Resistant Starch 101 - Everything You Need to Know” thread, but am not sure I really comprehend it.

Does eating foods like celery, zucchini, kale, bok choy and such provide my gut with resistant starch or not really? I’m wondering how important RS is to my gut and brain and if I’m already getting it in my Keto diet or is it is one more thing I should plan into my meals. I hate to pay for some supplement if I’m already getting it in what I eat regularly.

I see that some recommend frying a tablespoon or two of chilled basmati rice. We always have basmati rice in the refrigerator since I cook lots of curries for my family. So, I could easily fry up a TBS for myself.

Also, how often does one need to eat RS? It seems to be a “thing” I’ve missed somehow. In part, I think I’ve had gut issues for years and want to make sure I’m healing my gut along with everything else that is healing. My gut still makes lots of noises, mostly in the mornings when I don’t eat and am not feeling hungry.

Thoughts? Thanks!

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When you start doing the resistant starch it is almost identical to becoming fat adapted so what your doing is telling your body to ferment manufacture butter/butyrate (ketone bodies; hydroxybuytrate, acetoacetate, propionate) and feed the gut bacteria that produce it. You want it to reach your large intestines without being digested.

One personal caveat in a lesson learned hard; you want to start off with just a little tiny bit and work your way up in grams or you will get unbelievable gas…lol (you have to adapt to it and then the gas problem stops)

Dr. Justin Marchegiani gives one of the best breakdowns I’ve ever seen on how to do this:

Resistant Starch 101: In this video, Dr. Justin Marchegiani shares some valuable information about resistant starch. Many people have been asking him about the benefits of resistant starch and whether or not it really is good for the body. Learn about the different types of resistant starch and know which ones to eat and which ones to avoid to prevent gut issues and inflammation. Resistant starch can help improve your intestinal health, boost good bacteria, and decrease bad bacterial levels. Resistant starch can help improve butyrate levels and make it harder for bad to grow. Try using resistant starch to improve your health. Watch this video to learn more.

In contrast to eating butter (your making it in your gut also) as discussed below by Dr. Berg

Why Butter Helps You Lose Weight: Dr. Berg talks about butter and weight loss. He answers the question, does consuming butter help you lose weight. Butter contains butyrate which helps lower insulin resistance, which is behind stubborn weight, so adding butter can help you lose weight IF you also keep your carbs lower.


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Yeah, Dr. Berry did not do his homework I’m afraid?


Not sure. I just put that out there without comment. If it’s out of bounds I’ll delete.

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I luv Dr. Berry but like most Docs he is not educated on the finer details of RS, hence why Dr. Berg is telling people to eat butter?


I’d definitely listen to Dr Berry - especially about checking blood sugars.

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Dr. Berry is talking about the wrong kind of RS starch, he glosses over about what kind of starch he is discussing but when you do it correctly you will see lower blood sugars even lower than a standard ketogenic diet or fasting alone, I can get my blood sugars down into the 20’s and 30’s with RS and fasting but that is the way my body is adapted and only applies to me, that could kill another person, that is why I don’t encourage it by posting my glucose measurements.


Bunny, thank you for those video links, they were very helpful! I still have more questions. :grinning:

So, is this something I should add in to my diet even though I’ve been KEto for over a year? Also, I generally do cook in grass fed butter and even tend to eat a tbs of butter or more each day. So, do I still need it?

My gut tends to be noisy most days, so I wonder if something is going on. It didn’t used to be so loud. :blush:

I thought I read that it helps prevent colon cancer. Anything to that or is this speculation. Oh, and do I count the carbs in RS? Do most people on Keto use RS?

It seems there is always something new to learn!

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Your intestinal tract could be over colonized with bad gut bugs and you are hearing them eating? Lol

Resistant starch does a lot of things besides repairing the wall of the intestines.


:grimacing: OK! :smile: I’ll give RS a try and see if anything changes in the next month.