Researching "glucotypes" at Stanford - how does blood sugar respond to food?


I’m sorry these last 3 days weren’t as successful for you as the previous weeks!

Like you, I’m also searching what works for my goals and you’re an inspiration. I started carnivore thanks to you.

What you say about intestines, then sore throat: if you have reflux, when you lay down the fluids may come up to your throat. They can cause esophagitis and even damage your teeth. One way to improve could be to have your last meal of the day as early as possible to go to bed with an empty stomach.

When I eat chia, it kind of regulates my digestion. You could try it to see if it’d work for you.

On that note, more questions! In the past, it was believed fibers were good for us. Now, there are some papers to the contrary. I’m not good with the right words to explain (English is my nth language, and I have a very poor vocabulary for these things), but the fibers could hurt your insides, cause polyps and polyps could evolve to something much nastier. I’ve read a lot about it and couldn’t be convinced either way. I’m waiting for time to research more. It’s so complicate!

Good luck to you in fine tuning your WOE for max comfort!

Big hug!


Thank you @Corals ! And your English is excellent!

I will respond briefly and provide a more complete assessment of my carnivore trial on my original post once our month is over.

Way before keto, I was waking up with what I thought was reflux. Went to the gastroenterologist and had an endoscopy and colonoscopy. He found no signs of reflux or anything wrong anywhere. He prescribed me a low dose anti-anxiety at bedtime, which did absolutely nothing, so I only used it a couple of times.

Since being on keto (and also carnivore), I have been waking up with way less discomfort. But you’re right – late night eating is when I start to notice it again. I am STILL working on satiety issues. I seem to always be hungry before bed. It’s crazy.

More to come on my other thread!

Big hug back to you!