Request for regional category: New Zealand

(Martin Danner) #1

Would you please create a new category for New Zealand ketonians? A number of people at our recent Auckland meetup suggested we need a local online group to discuss regional topics like local sources for keto friendly foods, keto savvy GPs, how to get the right blood test, local event announcements, other local resources, etc. We prefer NOT to use a Facebook group, for the very reasons you started this forum. @richard @carl


Have you checked out the Community area? with sub category also of Meatups

(Martin Danner) #3

Yes, and I’ve posted there. What we want is a small corner of this forum where kiwis can share information specific to our region.


Well I can’t see any reason why not. Community would be a good category to store it under??? I have asked. What would you want it to be called? Just a simple NZ Ketonians or something?

(Martin Danner) #5

Thanks Daisy! A category under Community would be perfect. Can we call it simply New Zealand? I think that would be easier to discover using the search tool.


Perfect. I can’t see any reason why not. I have floated it in the admin group to get attention. I will create it or someone else will as long as there is not a problem but I can’t imagine there would be.


I don;t think you can edit the About category post @martin If you would like to reply or message me what you would like it to say I will put it in and pin the post. Category is now up and functional under Community.

(Martin Danner) #8

Please use the about on this Facebook page. Thanks Daisy!

(Martin Danner) #9

Correction. Let’s localize it:

To share local event announcements, news, shopping tips, recipes, questions, answers and other NZ specific info with fellow kiwi ketonian’s.


Done. Do you want the pinned post locked or left open to comment on? I was thinking last night when I was trying to sleep (lol) that it might be a good place for people to list a quick hello and where they are from under. I could add that into the post if you like? Quick who are you and where you are in NZ? Anyway… up to you. Just let me know if you want anything changed.