Religon, Politics and Keto

(Dave) #1

I really have to pick my mark with bringing up Keto. It just causes to many dramas.
People just really feel strongly against it.

(anonymous87) #2

Not I! Keto on!

(Clive Butler) #3

Be like a Venus Fly trap. Entice them into the conversation, then hit em with the science, always argue with the facts, not opinion. You might not change their opinion, but they can’t beat the facts

(Pamela) #4

Debating issues /topics is not my thing. I know what I know but can’t seem to recite where the info comes from. Because of that I usually don’t talk religion, politics, or keto unless I am really comfortable with you.

(Jacquie) #5

@KetoPam. Totally get what you’re saying. It seems that cognitive dissonance usually plays a large role. This was an interesting article on the subject.

(Genevieve Biggs) #6

My sister in law asked me today: what about malnourished starving people? Seriously? Why does that have to be an obstacle?

I said that it’s due to lack of food, and what they are eating is not meat.

She said: What about lazy people living on seaside that do not fish?

I don’t even know what to say to that. :expressionless:

(Jacquie) #7

Change the subject and move on. :wink: