Reflux is HORRIBLE After Starting Keto

(Brian) #81

Wow. 3 - 4 shots. That’s almost enough to taste.

I seldom drink less than a quart and seldom drink more than 2 quarts of coffee a day, usually right in the middle. I tend to drink it weaker than many, usually it’s about half strength according to package directions.

I did notice it’s more acidic without the half pint of HWC I used to use (I don’t anymore) with my 1.5 quarts of coffee. I do now add about 2TBSP of butter to that much and whip it in but I still need just a bit of HWC or H&H (not much, but a little) to cut the acidity just a little, but that’s for taste, not for any repercussions of any kind.

(Navachi Brinkley Jackson) #82

Thanks for your response. What is HLC, I will try it if I can find it… I live in Saudi Arabia

(Amy) #83

HCL with Betaine is a digestive aid (hydrochloric acid). I know it seems counter-intuitive to increase acid to treat GERD, but it really does work.

(Navachi Brinkley Jackson) #84

Thanks Amy you have been very helpful…

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #85

Espresso shots! I doubt you’re drinking 2 quarts of espresso per day! :wink:

(Old Baconian) #86

HCl is hydrochloric acid—stomach acid, which is why people are recommending it.

(Brian) #87

OK. Have never done espresso, just regular coffee. Don’t know how the two even compare.

(Old Baconian) #88

Espresso has a stronger flavor, but significantly less caffeine than regular coffee.

(Navachi Brinkley Jackson) #89

Thanks Paul


Morning coffee or cocoa and unsalted butter and there’s nothing to notice.
Morning coffee or cocoa and coconut oil and I have heartburn for an hour.
I’m not sure about the consequences of cooking with coconut oil, about the effect of a lower proportion coconut oil.

(Old Baconian) #91

So let them cook with bacon grease! :bacon::bacon:

(Gargi Mitra Keeling) #92

But I’ve been doing this ACV concoction every morning for almost 2 weeks and the reflux just started 3-4 days ago. One time was middle of the day while running errands. And last night I woke up several times wanting to puke b/c of the nausea/acidity.

I HAVE upped my fat intake the last few days (still within calorie allocation). So fats are the culprit?

And I"ll cut out the coffee but OMG I need one cup of tea in the morning.

(Cathy) #93

Sorry to hear that you are suffering with reflux. It is possible that it is a temporary adjustment and doing nothing different for a few days may be all you need. The way I understand it is that the body is accustom to digesting a carb rich diet and has adjusted the amount of stomach acid needed and when the diet changed to high fat/low carb, the system needs to readjust. Hopefully things settle down for you really soon.

(Wendy) #94

Thank you so very much…I have been remodeling my moms home while she is in the hospital for knee surgery and scrubbing and cleaning my acid reflux was terrible…using the mustard trick has saved me huge grief! Can’t thank you enough . I have even shared this info. And it really isn’t so awful…few seconds n its done!

(Bunny) #95

Wanted to leave a message here about stomach acid, alkaline balance and indigestion.

Something I discovered after doing some experimenting because I had this problem periodically.

I figured out how to do this with-out taking anything, I think?

Even with the help of a digestive bitter it is the saliva that controls the esophageal sphincter valve. I noticed if I consciously force my self to salivate and swallow it closes the valve. That may be the reason this happens to begin with (not enough saliva?) because that is part of the process of digestion and maybe some of us just don’t produce enough saliva? Something (vitamins, enzymes, neurotransmitters) in the saliva communicates with that valve to keep it closed?!

I figured this out when I noticed I would regurgitate stomach acid (sometimes comes through my nose) in my sleep which is rare but I thought it was because of the position of my body and laying on right and left side or PH of what I’m eating but when it happens my mouth is completely dry and when I force myself to salivate it completely eliminates it.

Sorry about the morbid details but thought it would be helpful to some people.

Had to post this because I did not want to forget, it was hanging around in the back of my mind for a long time!


How has your LPR been lately? I have LPR as well and have great difficulty breathing in my sleep at times. The LPR combined with OSA, the CPAP and supplemental O2 still sometimes have problems keeping my SpO2 above 90%.

I just learned a couple things yesterday. In the stomach acid is an enzyme called pepcin. It comes up the esophogus and to throat and gets in mucus in the throat and sinuses even. Then when you drink ACV or eat something acidic, the acid activates the pepcin and then your throat and sinus start digesting themselves (the proteins) and it causes the cough and breathing difficulties, alogn with post nasal drip / stuffy nose.

There is a remedy a doctor shared on youtube, how to naturally treat LPR by making a liquid solution of distilled water along with baking soda. Which you then pour into a clean empty nasal spray bottle. You then breath through your mouth and while breathing spray the nasal spray bottle into your throat. The alkaline deactivates / neutralizes the pepcin. This can also be done via both nostrils to clear nasal issues related to pepcin there.

I tried to drink ACV last night to resolve my GERD issue to try and get rid of this LPR… but this was before I learned about pepcin. And within 15minutes, I had a pretty nasty cough. The pepcin in my throat was quickly activated. So today I thought of a clever idea of using large gelcap (size 000) to fill with 1.5 ml of pure organic apple cider vinegar, that way I can ingest the ACV without it activating the pepcin in my throat/nose and esophogus. I’ll let ya know if it helps.

So between these ACV capsules and the LPR nasal spray … along with quittign coffee altogether (almost there… down to 1 mug per day from 6 mugs) and other dietary changes (I am gonan try eliminatng a lot of things alogn with perhaps some fasting)… I am hoping all this will resolve my problem so I no longer need suplmental O2 at night and can perhaps even reverse the OSA. My OSA is very mild and actually it was the LPR which caused me to have to get the CPAP in the first place… I used to sleep just fine before the LPR.


hrm where can i buy cans/bottles of pure saliva ? :slight_smile:


I feel the same way. I NEED the coffee. I am doing from 6 mugs per day to 1/2 mug twice per day at least now. I am going to try tapering downt the coffee to 1/3rd mug twice per day… then 1/4 mug.

I want to quit completely because I know it’s just an addiction making us “need” it. If I can get over the addiction, I am sure I’ll probably feel just as good in the mornings without it. Remember when we were kids? We felt fine in the mornign without coffee. My dad never let us drink coffee until we were 18 lol.