Reducing heavy cream help?


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So i am making my own alfredo sauce at homeand the first part of the recipe I need to reduce the heavy cream down to half the volume. So basically im taking most of the water content of it out. My question is this.

Heavy cream macros are based on per tbsp. So lets say its 50 calories and 0.5 net carb. If i reduce the volume of heavy cream by 50% due to boiling the moisture out… what would my macros be per tbsp? Does that mean that its now the same macros for only 1/2 tbsp? or does that mean it would take 2tbsp to equal 1 tbsp?

Just trying to figure out how to calculate the macros on my sauce. The recipe is…

1 cup of heavy cream which is reduced in volume by 50%
1 cup fresh grated parmesean.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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The macros for the quantity of cream put into the mixture would stay the same, of course, but the macros per unit volume would increase as the volume decreases from water loss. If you reduced the volume by some process that removed fat instead of water, the result would be different, of course.

So the macros for the finished dish are the macros of the cream and parmesan before you started cooking. The macros per cup before you started cooking would be half as much as the macros per cup afterward. However, if a serving is one quarter of the recipe, then the macros for one serving are one quarter of the total macros for the recipe. And the macros you consume would be determined by how many servings you eat.

Hope that’s clear.

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Rats! Guess i was being overly optomistic that i could have more than i thought… oh well!

Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

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