Recent study on COVID and obesity

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(Sorry if this paper was already discussed and I missed it.)

Seems like a lot of beating around the bush here. If only there was an readily available intervention that had a high success rate in reducing inflammation, and treating obesity and metabolic syndrome…

I find it very hard to believe none of the authors have heard of the Virta Health study, etc.


Simple. Stop making high PUFA oils and refined carbs available to everyone.

For starters, the blood of people with obesity has an increased tendency to clot—an especially grave risk during an infection that, when severe, independently peppers the small vessels of the lungs with clots

Plus covid clots the blood; more so in A+ and AB+ blood types without the Anti-A isoantibodies to protect their organs.

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Not going to happen…

I think BuckRimfire was missing their sarcasm emoji…

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No need to tell people what they can and can’t have but giving the knowledge that they are harmful would help. I still hear a commercial almost daily about a mom getting her family to switch to “heart healthy vegetable oils”. If some could have had their way they would have banned saturated fats and red meat.