Really disappointed with the amount of anti-science nonsense coming out of some LCHF/keto folks

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I’m guessing that’s “fascist” as in doesn’t support the mainstream narrative… but maybe @gabe could prove us wrong… if the tweet has been deleted I doubt we’ll be bale to find it…

I must admit I do find the “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” slightly amusing in this context.

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Total nonsense. Never before have the healthy been quarantined, except for Astronauts returning from the Moon and travelers arriving from a diseased area.

The professor’s politics shouldn’t matter if she is a real scientist but I thought that the video should have been edited to leave out the politics.
There is lots of evidence that exposure to a virus confers immunity.
You like Ivor so you must be having a go at me. I am a conspiracy theorist in your opinion.OK I am a big boy now. I can take it.

Oops! The mask slipped there. I don’t know where to begin to analyse that outburst.


Perhaps you could contemplate updating your profile statement. The Science that you choose to see as correct seems to be your Dogma. I suggest something like:
“My Science is my Dogma”

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