Re-organizing categories of the first page after signing on

(Mike W.) #1

Is there a way to personally re-organize categories, so the “newbie” section isn’t the first thing I see? Anyway to hide them?

(So much bacon . . . so little time . . .) #2

I don’t believe so, but there is a profile setting under “Interface” called “Default Home Page” that lets you set the first page you see to Latest, New, Unread, or Top topics. Might one of those do?

Alternatively, I believe you can mute the entire Newbies category, if you really want to. Go to the Newbies page, click on the button with the circle in it (underneath your profile pic up top, next to the “New Topic” button), and there are several choices. The bottom one should prevent any Newbies thread from showing up for you.