Re-listening to 2 Keto Dudes Podcast

(Texan ) #1

I binged listed to the 2Keto Dudes podcast when I first started. (Which was only 20 days ago.) I was so interested in learning everything I could and there was so much info that it was impossible for me to absorb all the info. I’ve already found myself re listening to the podcast and it’s almost as if I had never listened to certain episodes to begin with. There is just so much good information it’s impossible to remember it all. They also serve to reaffirm, reassure, and encourage.
@carl and @richard thank you for giving of yourselves unselfishly. Y’all are truely amazing!

(Richard Morris) #2

I should relisten to them - my understanding of a lot of things evolves so I’d probably end up adding to my errata for the early episodes :slight_smile:

(Texan ) #3

That would be golden.

(paddy0761) #4

Very true. I’ve picked up on a couple of things here and there; nothing bad or serious. It’s such an exciting journey of discovery. There are so many brilliant minds out there in this field and we have access to them because they have such a small audience. It’s good, because it’s bad. If this stuff was already mainstream, we wouldn’t have access to these people.
We almost need to be careful what we wish for :slight_smile: