Re-fried Bean Substitute. (Soy Allergic)

(Deja vu) #1

I love Mexican food. The number 1 thing I have missed in the last 2ish years is Refried beans. I have found a lot of substitutes online but it seems like every time they have Soy in them. While I am not deathly alergic it is still enough that I would rather avoid them. Any other ways to make it that I am missing?

As far as I know Soy is the only food algery I have.


Maybe using eggplant or zucchini or peanuts (they’re legumes)…

With the right spices, cauliflower might be usable.

(Jane) #3

If you’ve been keto for 2 years are you on maintenance?

1/4 cup of refried beans is 8.7 g net according to Chronometer. If a trigger food then maybe you couldn’t stop at 1/4 cup. But even double that would be ok if you didn’t have other carbs the rest of the day even if not on maintenance.

If it were me and I really missed them I would plan for them and enjoy the real thing. I usually have a spoonful or two off my husband’s plate when we eat Mexican. So creamy and satisfying and I can stop at 2 spoonfuls.

(Bunny) #4

I love pinto beans and eat them all the time even on keto the kick out for me is too temporary to worry about, ketones are too low to even count anymore! I burn those type of carbs more efficiently now!

Being a long-term ketonaut is not a life-time sentence of wondering or being hyper-vigilant about an occasional high carb meal from a natural source like e.g. potato’s, wild rice and bread freshly milled and used immediately for baking in your own kitchen from e.g. wheat, it is that type (life-time-sentence) of thinking why people quit (“…it’s not working for me…”) and it turns into black and white thinking?

The point about black and white thinking is your awareness of what is good and bad and how long your doing a certain thing contributes
to what caused the problem to begin with?

A Ketogenic education is like the kindergarten all over again for food bio-chemistry, to bring the awareness about what contributes to bad health into focus?

Amount, type of substance and for how long we are eating it, I think is the key to this?

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