Raphi Sirtoli - Part 2


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Daisy's latest extraordinary man, Raphi, returns for part 2 of our chat where he talks about cold water therapy, breathing techniques and delicate women!

Raphael Sirtoli has an MSc in Molecular Biology and is a PhD candidate in Health Sciences at the Behavioral and Molecular Lab in Portugal.

His understanding of metabolism, nutrition and clinical medicine all goes into the Nutrita app he built with his team.

He loves open scientific debate, Crossfit, football, hiking and cold water immersion.


Raphi's app Nutrita has a 7-day free trial - no credit card required.

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(Bunny) #2

Oh wow my favorite subject, will be digging into this one!

Thank you Daisy, this is so interesting to me!

Will have to go back to Part 1 because I missed it!

(Jenna Ericson) #3

This was great! Regarding cold water therapy, I remember watching Yes Theory’s YouTube video a while ago where they trained with Wim Hof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cvhwquPqJ0&t=57s (apparently I don’t know how to link a youtube video) :upside_down_face:

I found the stuff about breathing techniques especially interesting. If I’m remembering correctly, Wim Hof’s breathing technique involves basically over-oxygenating your body by taking deeper breaths in and shorter breaths out. I tried this and felt a little boost of energy and kind of a whirring in my brain. I was careful though, because in Yes Theory’s video I remember it looked like this caused some sort of seizure-like symptoms for one of the guys during the breathing exercise (yikes!).

I also really liked Raphi’s response to the question about the protein controversy that seems to take up so much space in discussions right now. It was at around 32:30 in the part 2 podcast if anyone’s interested.

Another random thing I found interesting was that Raphi mentioned that he thinks adipose tissue should be considered a part of the immune system. I suppose everything’s connected so maybe this isn’t that big of a revelation, but I am super interested in the link between obesity and a stressed immune system. It’s too bad all this stuff is so f-ing complicated. I guess it’s the figuring-it-out part that keeps things fun though :blush:


Cold water or delicate women? :rofl:

I find it fascinating and have toyed with the info so many times that I really must get my act together and try it properly! Cold water therapy that is, not delicate women!

Yes spot on and he makes a point of saying you should do it whilst lying down. I watched a video the other day with some guy doing it who seemed to be over egging it a bit TBH. When I saw Wim Hoff doing it it seemed a lot more restrained.