Random thoughts and N=1s (pseudo-accountability thread)

(Bob M) #1

I decided that since I have performed many N=1 tests on myself, I might as well start a thread about them and about my current thoughts after 7+ years low carb/keto (began 1/1/14, though tried Atkins many times before then, but thought I “needed” carbs for exercise so didn’t continue). This may be called an “accountability” thread, I guess, but I want it to be searchable.

My current n=1 tests: berberine and B vitamins to address “high” homocysteine.

This introduction will be short, and I’ll come back to these tests. I’m getting my second Pfizer shot this morning, and I have a ton of work this week, so it might take me a bit to start in any detail. I plan to “back fill” this with a lot of data from testing apple cider vinegar, resistant starch, iodine, CGM, protein…

Here’s a current thought, though. I took some magnesium at lunch last week…and got leg cramps that night. I’ve noticed that taking magnesium for me seems to CAUSE leg cramps.

My thought therefore is that leg cramps might be caused by a combination of factors including some relationship between electrolytes. So, if you’re lacking in magnesium (Mg), and you take Mg, and this seems to cease your leg cramps, you’re convinced (and sometimes convinced to the point to fight about it) that Mg cures leg cramps. If you’re not lacking in Mg and take Mg, this might not cure your cramps.

In my case, the opposite seems to be true: Mg does not cure, may even cause/exacerbate leg cramps.

Caveat: Perhaps Mg DOES cure leg cramps, but I just did not take enough?

So, my current thought is that leg cramps have a variety of causes, including electrolyte deficiencies or an imbalance in electrolytes. I think I might have too much Mg relative to other electrolytes (e.g., salt, potassium, ?). What that imbalance is, and how to correct it, is tricky.

After 7+ years, I still get (quite) infrequent lower leg cramps, and I have yet to figure out the cure.

I do up my salt, including drinking brine from olives or pickles, if I get cramps. This may or may not help, though I perceive these brines as having more than just salt, so they probably can’t hurt.

I say “may or may not help”, because cause an effect is always hard. Did my intervention lead to no more cramps, or was that happenstance? I don’t get cramps enough to know.

(Vic) #2

I sleep with my feet and lower legs uncovered.
In a cold room that can lead to leg cramps.

Temperature difference between my legs and torso affects me.

Shortage of salt when I spend time in the tropics can lead to daytime cramps. In places that I drink more then 6 liters a day I also eat some salt tablets to prevent trouble.