Random red dot…?

(Allie) #1

Does anyone have any idea why this random red dot thing is suddenly appearing on the discourse login page for this forum? It doesn’t seem to do anything and is there whether there are new posts or not. Not important but this kind of thing irritates me so if I can turn it off I will.


Where do you go to get that? I just go directly to the site and wind up at the main page. Is that through a forum app?

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #3

I never see anything that looks like that page when I go to the forums. I just logged out and logged back in on my desktop and didn’t see it; will try later when I have my phone with me. Does it have anything to do with being in night mode?

Of course, I rarely log in, since I have the system set to remember each of my devices.

(Alec) #4

I see it, and I was wondering about it too! I was thinking it might be a notification alert, but it doesn’t seem to disappear at any time. Mystery!

(Robin) #5

Insert ominous music here…

(Allie) #6

It’s on the page that opens up as soon as I open the discourse app.

(Allie) #7

That’s a lot of unread topics you have there :rofl:

(Allie) #8

This is on my phone on the discourse app.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #9

Ah, the Discourse app! I never knew they had one.

Apparently, the red dot is app-related, not site-related. I use the Vivaldi browser, both on my desktop and on my phone, so I never see this red dot. I never saw it when I was using DuckDuckGo or Firefox, either.

(Allie) #10

Known bug it seems…

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #11

Back in my programming days, we used to joke, “It’s a feature, not a bug!” :rofl:

(Alec) #12

Almost uncatchable… but nothing compared to my unread emails… I am trying to get to 100,000

(Allie) #13

I couldn’t, it would irritate me… I have to mark all as read then actually read the new ones that arise.

(Alec) #14

I showed this to a friend and she freaked out… she said it would send her into a frenzy. I said “Relax, they are mostly ads…”

Her response… “Mostly??? Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!”


My aversion to Facebook and Twitter I think signifies my level of desire to communicate.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #15

Shame on you, Alec, shame! Don’t you know that you have a moral obligation to respond instantaneously to anyone in the world who wishes to get in touch with you? Not checking your e-mail every five minutes is like letting a phone call go to voicemail, for no better reason than because you’re busy doing something else. Have you no sense of your duty to your fellow human beings? :grin::rofl::grin::rofl::grin::rofl:

(Alec) #16

This is why I love email… I choose what I do with it. I do not have to respond to someone who is careless enough to want to talk to me when I am doing something else.

I tell all my folks at work: if you really need me, text. I might respond if I think your issue is worthy. They generally figure things out on their own… and they become stronger as a result. We live in too dependent a world. I was brought up to be independent and I thank my parents for doing so.

(Robin) #17

I’ve got ya’ll beat. I turn my phone off and then lose it and don’t notice unless and until someone knocks on my door, which is even more intrusive than my phone cuz then I have to turn off my lights and hide behind the couch until they go away and my dog is barking the entire time. I hear an ambulance approaching, but can’t call them off since I lost my phone, so you see the dilemma.

(Bob M) #18

I’m not sure that’s healthy. :wink:

I have to say that I delete all my emails on gmail. Meanwhile, my wife never deletes anything.

(Robin) #19

I too delete asap.

(Allie) #20

I block those, don’t like the invasion into my private inbox. All app notifications are turned off, especially those annoying dots that started to appear to let you know when there’s new activity. That’s why this one is annoying me, it’s looks like it should be one but appears to have no purpose at all.

The “mark all as read” feature gets used a lot, just doesn’t mean I’ve actually read it… :rofl: