Question on keto testing

(Kimberly R Shawe) #1

I’m fairly new to the ketogenic WOE. I have a question about Keto testing. well maybe a few.

  1. blood or breath which is best? I know the strips are expensive since I have been using this method for a while. But is the breath testing just as good?

  2. is there a “best” time to test? I’m frustrated that many of my morning tests are .3 to .5 (blood) test, but sometimes I can see it go to 1.6 even.
    Maybe morning is not the best time? I see over 1 after my strength training 3 days a week. The lower ones are always on the other days.

  3. should I even worry about it? I test my BG several times a day since I’m type 2 diabetic, so figured I would just test ketones at same time in the morning since I can poke my finger once and get both tests done.

Sorry… it’s frustrating to me that I’m not seeing consistant ketone levels and I’m eating less than 20 g carbs each day for the past 3 months.

(David K) #2


Based on my research:

  1. Blood is the gold standard, but the Ketonix is good too. Keto Talk was talking about the difference on their latest podcast.
  2. Your ketone readings are typically lowest first thing in the morning and highest in the evenings.
  3. It is good to test every now and then but I wouldn’t “worry” about it. As long as you are keeping Carbs below 20g, you should be in Ketosis.

(Karen Fricke) #3

One of the benefits of ketonix is that you can test as often as you want without extra cost.

(Kimberly R Shawe) #4

Thanks David. This helps me quite a bit. I did order the Ketonix thinking
in the long run it would save me a bit of money. and I do have a good
supply of strips for my meter as well. Of course I went with the Novamax
Plus meter since those strips were considerably less expensive than the
Precision meter. I think I’ll just keep Ketoing on. :slight_smile:

(David K) #5

This is a solid plan. :slight_smile: