Question-I've never seen anyone speak of Back painafter MCT oil

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So I’ve never heard anyone mention this, and I’ve come here a million times to ask It and get retailer with reading… I bought a Bullet Proof MCT Oil way back in November or December when I started keto. Its the ONLY thing I bought other than food products.

With no exception I get severe back pain every time I take it. and take it means putting it once in my coffee as directed. If I had to pinpoint where the pain was I’d guess kidney area, both sides. I can only get relief with one of my kids literally beating on my back some with me laying down. It makes me think its gas related, but the pain doesn’t move, its pretty constant.

Anyone else?
I used it about 10 times and with no exception every time. All days back then were Omadish if that helps…

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Stop. Some folks just don’t tolerate MCT.

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I agree. In general, if doing something really hurts, it’s probably not a good idea to do it.

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I’m with you guys on that, I’d never take it now, and took it till I was convinced it was that. It was pretty severe pain…I was just wondering if others had experienced it, I can’t find any mention on line about that.

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I haven’t seen any such mention either, and it just seems weird that you would react that way. Not that I don’t believe you, it’s just very strange. We’ll probably have to chalk it up to individual variability, as unsatisfying an explanation as that is. If you ever do get to the bottom of things, I’d love to know what you learn.