Question about pure fats

(Ivy) #1

Does sticking to “pure fats” i.e. butter and coconut oil [not any other fat, just fat on meat] for a week or whatever, make some kind of effect?

(Bob M) #2

There is a thing called a “fat fast” (an oxymoron, really), where you eat primarily/exclusively fat. This is to lower insulin. Some people like it.

I have seen some studies where they replaced only cooking fat, from soybean oil to something else (lard?) and got benefits. Unfortunately, I can’t find it with the search terms I’m using.

But is your question related to cooking or eating or both?

(Ivy) #3

actually, eating

(Tammy) #4

I want to lose fat, so I don’t add a lot of extra fat to my day. You need to eat enough fat to be full and make it to your next meal without snacks.


Just ramps up your calories for no real reason, makes no difference as far as anything else, ketosis is from lack of carbs, not cranked up fat. Could possibly stall you, fat’s not unlimited, even with keto. I can’t loose any real fat with my fat intake much above 80g or so, everybody is different there. If you’re tracking, you’ll start seeing the correlations with what you can get away with after a while.

(Edith) #6

Fat has very little nutritional value. Fat is for energy. You don’t want to add extra fat just for the heck of it since you want your body to use its own fat stores. Just eat fat that naturally occurs in fattier foods such as beef, whole eggs, full fat dairy, chicken with the skin… you get the idea.