Question about Editing posts


I earned my editor badge and was notified that I am allowed to edit my posts at present but will not always be allowed to do so. Any insight into that? When and why would I lose the ability to edit my own posts? Editing seems like an important tool to hold onto to.

(Richard Morris) #2

If an admin moved the topic to a category that you couldn’t edit in then that might be the case, but the only forum we have that you can read but not write is the “saved from facebook” category which are read only posts saved from facebook (a lot of mine apparently - though I’ve only got one in there).

I can’t see any reason why an admin might move one of your topics in there, but if they do just ask them to move it back.


Thanks. I’ll mention it if it comes up again. It seemed a bit random.


On another subject, is there a way to shut off email notifications?

(Meeping up the Science!) #5

Click on your portrait in the upper right, then click on the small gear. This opens up “preferences.” you can disable email settings there:


I can’t thank you enough! I have a gazillion messages in my inbox and couldn’t find the disable button on my phone. Many thanks!