Protein - the best way to limit it to moderate limit

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Not every gout prone individual has the same gout triggers. And there is doubt between correlation of gout causes and purine, at least I heard that mentioned in an article somewhere. For me it’s red meat, burgers, steaks, beef roasts, etc. However pork, fowl, lamb do not give me gout attacks. I started keto just a little over 2 weeks ago, but trying to eat my proteins and fats as a truck driver is challenging, so I ate burgers without buns, a breakfast steak here a ribeye there in the last 2 weeks! I thought keto diet would protect me from gout but turns out i have to avoid red meat, or just eat once or twice a month if that’s all there is, at least until after the 6 week target where most are fat adapted. I have eaten more beef in the last 2 weeks than I have eaten in the last 2 years! My left knee started to ache, and i thought ‘thats not done that in a while’. I had restless sleep that night as my knee was tender sensitive, the next day brought tears. I went about my day and we delivered a load in La Mirada, California, then picked up a load in Ontario, Ca, it took FOREVER to load! When we finally got loaded I started driving, I made it a little into Arizona and my knee starts SCREAMING! It’s the MOTHER of all my gout attacks, excruciating pain, the pain that makes one want to pass out! I am not on gout medication anymore as my doctor doesn’t like it, it’s my fault for consuming BEEF! At least much more than I normally would on a normal diet. ‘Treat your gout with your diet’ my doctor says. I will have to muddle through this gout bout by drinking water, vinegar water, eating celery with cream cheese, etc, I will let y’all know if there is any relief. My keto journey of my epic 2 weeks I started at 205 pounds, (I am not into metric), last time I weighed 3 or 4 days ago, the scale said 191, and I am sure I weigh less now, at 5’9" I carry my weight well but for health reasons at 52 I want to get to a more healthy and reasonable weight of 165 to 170. We won’t get home until Saturday 12/23, trying to be home for Christmas Eve but if my knee gout keeps acting up I may stay home and take it easy as activity seems to make my gout pain worse. I may abstain from any fasts until after 6 weeks or more as that could have contributed to my gout bout or so I have read. I am staying keto, keeping calm and keto-ing on!

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Your gout may improve, eventually, as your inflammatory markers go down. I don’t really know much about the subject except what I’ve read, so I can’t really offer more than a pious hope. But I do know that even if your gout never goes away completely, you will benefit so much from a well-formulated ketogenic diet that it is worth it in any case.

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I agree.

Gout has significant linkages to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

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Hey Daryl,

Keep your spirits up. I know the gout pain as I experienced it myself. But I will surely pray for you and wish that you will be home for Christmas and celebrating with your family.