Protein in pork skins?

(Chris W) #21

I do count the protein in pork rinds towards my numbers, but I have my protein target set somewhat high at 1.6-1.8 g/kg LBM in the context of a ZC keto diet and fairly intense exercise 3x per week, so I still get plenty of complete protein. The collagen in pork rinds is said to be a good nutritional complement to muscle meat. In general, I include about 33g of pork rinds in my diet most days, which constitutes about 16g of my 130-140g protein target.

(Ken) #22

Mmmm. Barbeque pork rind dipped into spinach chip dip. The only thing that could make it better would be to wrap it in bacon…

(Troy) #23

Great info. Thanks

(Candy Lind) #24

Dang, I learn SO MUCH here! :heart_eyes:

(Stephen Muenstermann) #25

I Agree with Richard. When I did Keto over a year ago I was on it for 3 months and found that Pork Rinds had no effect to my program as a snack. I ate a 3 ounce Baken-ets bag almost daily as a evening snack. I lost 38 lbs in 90 days. If I would have counted the Pork Rinds as protein I would have cut back on my protein intake elsewhere and lost some serious muscle mass.

(Vic) #26

I am confused why would you not count it, Would one not count the protein from vegetables?

I mean most of us are eating meat daily, would that not complete the proteins like with vegetables?


Plant protein was my thought too… That’s not complete either but it is protein…

It’s good I don’t need to worry about these things as I eat plenty of good animal protein. And sometimes 100g plant protein (obviously not from vegetables). Well, an ocassional day doesn’t really matter anyway but I had times when I got a significant amount of protein from plants on keto. I still had a lot from animals and I was high enough… It would be pretty stressful (and impossible for me) to focus on everything at once.

I know just a little about completing proteins, I could a bit advise some newbie not knowledgeable vegan who could afford more carbs… Not useful information for me. I never even heard about completing protein where the “participants” aren’t plants…