(pathoward45) #1

I ran into a friend at the gym this AM who I haven’t seen in a couple of months. She raved about how much weight I’ve lost, and asked (of course!) how I did it. So I gave her a quick story about insulin resistance, keto and IF, and told her that her best source of information was the 2KetoDudes website/ podcasts. I hope to see her here soon!

(Scott Shillady) #2

@pathoward45 Preach it girl :pray:


Did you get a that’s crazy, you’re going to drop dead of a heart attack eating all that fat.

(pathoward45) #4

Not at all! She told me that she wanted to give it a try, and wrote down the links!


Good to hear. She is for sure welcome to the club.


Very cool! I hope she joins us. Nice work!

(G. Andrew Duthie) #7

Much as with religious proselytizing, it’s more effective when you let how you live do the talking, and wait for folks to ask how or why you do it, than to jump on every person you meet and beat them over the head with what you’re doing.

Nicely done!

(Nathan Hall) #8

Just got asked again today, "How much have you lost?"
Me: “40 lbs.”
:flushed: "How?!"
Me: “Ketogenic Diet” …Went on to explain and give resource suggestions…

(Keto in Katy) #9

That’s what I got when I first started telling family members (overweight and diabetic) about keto.

“No way I want all that fat in my bloodstream” they said.

Nutrition is not that different from politics and religion with some folks. Strong opinions and belief systems preclude any reasonable dialogue about it. I remain quiet unless someone is genuinely interested and open-minded.