Propolis; Yeah or Nay?


Does anyone use this supplement? If so, in what form? To what effect? How often?
Supposedly it improves organ functions, skin condition, and all sorts of illnesses. I’d like to learn more about it before incorporating it into my keto lifestyle!
What say you: propolis, no, or something better?

(Larry Lustig) #2

The description certainly does not inspire confidence.

(Richard Morris) #3

The National Institutes of Health rates propolis as “possibly effective” for treating herpes, and there is “insufficient evidence” to rate the effectiveness of propolis in treating other conditions.

(lucie.runner) #4

Propolis is great at fighting upper respiratory infections among other things. The problem with propolis is that it’s really difficult to get a supplement that really has propolis in it… Remember ginseng supplements that were mostly sugar water? Well, most propolis supplements are just like that. Find yourself a reputable herbalist who can steer you to safe sources of propolis. Oh and somrthing to know, propolis stains… Everything… Especially your teeth. Tincture is a good way to begin using it.

I also use a glycerin base tincture for younger humans and animals.

Remember that propolis is a by product of honey transformation and with the bee decline we are seeing this supplement’s price is bound to skyrocket.

Sorry for the long post but I’m quite passionate about herbal supplements and just wanted to give my (lemghty) 2 cents.


Thank you all for your thoughtful responses. Guess I don’t need it! Lol