Problems navigating site

(Marga Costas) #1

I’m new here and having problems navigating the forums. The other forums I frequent have main forums and sometimes sub forums but the replies are listed chronologically. Here they seem scrambled. I am on my phone, is it easier to view on a computer?

I am also having trouble figuring out how to post to a topic. I hit the arrow to make my one post which was actually a reply to a specific post, not the general topic.

There is a pop up box covering my post here. Im typing by faith.

(Allie) #2

Scroll to the end of the thread and click on the “reply” button right at the bottom as that will reply to the topic rather than an individual comment on it.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #3

In any category or sub-category, threads/topics are listed with the most recent activity first.

Inside a thread/topic, the posts are listed in chronological order, but with indications of the threads of replies. So you can either read through the conversation in post order, or you can see what post someone replied to, and who replied to that post. It’s fairly intuitive, once you spot the arrows and other indicators.

When you enter a thread, the system takes you to the earliest post that you haven’t read yet. If this is your first visit to the thread, you will be taken to the original post, otherwise, you pick up where you left off.