Problems After Significant Weight Loss - Physical & Social

(Greta) #21

@Janie - oh how interesting! Thank you for your reply. I hope my issues go away like yours did.

Regarding the coworkers - I’m not sure what that is about, but I feel like it is more about me being more equal to them, rather than the lower status obese woman that I am “supposed” to be.

I feel that my cat does this to me too, LOL. She shows me who’s boss (nothing to do with weight loss, just life with cats).

(Greta) #22

@Laurie - thank you so much! Wow, that is an awesome feat your daughter accomplished! Shrugging it off is good advice for sure.

And thank you for the compliment!

It is a bit of an optical illusion since I am tall and small boned. Things looks different when I sit and it all spreads out. I still have some weight to go off the hips/thighs, but whether I can get that off is a question mark.

(Laurie) #23

@Greta I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, in your response to Janie.

I once took a selling course with a young lady who had completely turned her life around (weight loss being only part of it). One evening, the class was talking about success, etc. I asked about people who try to discourage you by saying things like, “It’ll never work.”

She said, “Some people only love you when you’re down.”

(Greta) #24

Gosh, I think that is so true. It is a weird feeling to have a different dynamic with people.