Pro-Maskers, you gonna keep wearing them?


People really ignore this one! I had Asthma as a kid, never really bothered me much in my adult life, haven’t needed an inhaler since middle school. Maybe sometimes if I REALLY pushed it in humid weather it might slightly show but that’s it. The masks are hell for me, after about 10-15mins I feel weird and sometimes start seeing stars. When the mask mandate was still going we had an exemption for those who couldn’t wear one for medical reasons, it was in our executive order and clearly stated we did not need to “prove” that to anybody, it was hell, stores still kicked you out, I almost wound up knocking out a couple cop wanna be store managers etc. It was bad. That’s what scares me about this vaccine passport mentality. I haven’t been vaccinated and don’t plan on it anytime soon as of now. I’m not 100% against the J&J shot but definitely not going mRNA, before the great wipe began of anything online that showed mRNA as negative I read a bunch of the results of testing them over the years prior to COVID, no thanks! Plus I have 1 auto immune issue which they (have) been shown to screw with. I’ve also met a couple people that have family members die shortly after getting them, conveniently the were all refused autopsy’s unless they paid for them… interesting!

Noooooo, they don’t do that! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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My husband had asthma as a kid also and wearing a mask was hell for him also. Especially for a long flight we took last September where he had to wear it almost all day.

Arkansas lifted the mask mandate on 3/31 and immediately nearly everyone stopped wearing one and the national chain stores who still had signs up didn’t enforce masks.

When the mask mandate went into effect last summer it had ZERO effect on the cases. And when it was lifted it had ZERO effect on the cases. And the population wearing them went from 10% to 90% and back to 10% (my own eyeball estimate).

Was happy to see Freddy’s completely open up as soon as the governor allowed. No masks on the employees, no blocked off tables, all the self-serve items back out like napkins, straws, ketchup, etc. Feels good to enjoy a normal lunch again!

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I respect the rules of each business. I’m fully vaccinated but will wear a mask if the business requests it. Thank goodness people aren’t allowed to smoke or go without shoes anywhere they like.

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How does someone not wearing shoes harm you if you are wearing shoes? Just found that amusing since I live in Arkansas lol.

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Cases because of the precautions? I don’t know of any.

I do know that the rate of infection dropped sharply in Connecticut after the restrictions were implemented, and stayed at a manageable rate thereafter. When the restrictions were first eased, earlier in the year, the infection rate went back up, then declined again with the re-imposition of restrictions.

In Connecticut, at least, the goal was never to try to keep anyone from being infected, merely to keep the number of cases to a level that the intensive care units could cope with, and to hold on until the development of a vaccine. Even with the restrictions, it was a struggle for the healthcare system. Now, with the rising rate of vaccination, we are relaxing restrictions again, seemingly without overburdening the hospitals this time.

One of my ninety-year-old father’s friends had a bad case of the virus, but fortunately she was able to pull through. She was in intensive care for quite some time, and weak for a while after being released from hospital. Another of his friends just came down with it, but she’d been vaccinated already, so she’s coping quite well. Everyone at our house has now been vaccinated, and we are hoping that if any of us should become infected, the case will similarly be mild enough to be tolerable.


no one can keep shoes on me HA NC here and a farm gal.
well yea, out and about I will cause the public is disgusting, nature isn’t LOL

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If you are a store owner, you may not wish to take on the liability issues arising from someone’s feet being damaged because you let them into your establishment barefoot. I love going barefoot everywhere possible, but I have never been to a feed store, department store, or supermarket where I would feel safe wandering around without shoes.

I believe that local boards of health have something to do with this prohibition, too, but don’t know what the rationale is. It may have something to do with preventing athlete’s foot. In this matter, I have been lucky, and have only contracted athlete’s foot once from showering barefoot at the gym. Several of my friends started wearing rubber sandals when showering at the gym, because they kept picking up infections. The fungus is really difficult to get rid of, once established.

As for the prohibition against going shirtless that often accompanies the prohibition against going shoeless, that is, I believe, a strictly aesthetic matter. :grin:


why can’t gals go shirtless? Hmmm, so that covers indecent exposure and rules of men vs women and women should go shirtless into an establishment if wanted or ??? :smirk::skull_and_crossbones::joy: Yanking your chain on that one! :flushed:

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Well I, for one, am perfectly content to wear a shirt, especially if it will spare me the sight of topless women running around. Unlike most men, I find the sight of women’s bare breasts to be exceptionally unappealing, sorry!

But the logic underlying most requirements for segregating the sexes and for requiring women to cover up is based on the idea that men’s lust is so uncontrollable that women have to take on the burden of not stimulating it. (It is true that men are aroused by visual cues, whereas women are aroused by psychological and social cues.)

For example, Mount Athos, a Greek region so filled with monasteries that it is called the “Holy Mountain,” has been forbidden to women for something like fifteen centuries. The prohibition was instituted by the Emperor because so many milkmaids and other farm girls were being raped by the monks that it was deemed safer for them not to go on the mountain at all. Had I been Emperor, I would have found a different solution, one that would have involved the monks in question, if you know what I mean (hint: they are supposed to be celibate anyway).


This has all gotten very interesting :rofl:

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@lfod14 , People said a lot of things at the beginning because we didn’t know. I don’t think masks are super effective. In fact, I think they are rather ineffective for longterm exposures. I think they are MOST effective for short-term exposures, which is exactly what I am saying we keep them for–public places indoors and commercial or retail establishments.

@Madeleine, I thought I was clear about it, but it could be buried in a previous comment. I put an end date for mask wearing indoors as when the vaccine is OFFERED/AVAILABLE to all, It isn’t about when they actually get the vaccine, since many will just choose not to, which is their right. I think that is specific and also relatively soon with the speed things have been going.

@Janie There was a meta study on mask effectiveness. They were found to reduce increase in spread by 1-2%

@MarkGossage, I have no idea what you are talking about with “cases because of the precautions.”



2. Don’t Wear Your Shoes Inside

It’s good manners to take your shoes off before entering someone’s home, and it’s a prerequisite before entering a temple or mosque. Indians will often wear shoes inside their homes, such as when going to the bathroom. However, these shoes are kept for domestic use and never worn outdoors. Shoes are sometimes also removed before entering a shop. If you see shoes at an entrance, it’s a good idea to take yours off as well.

3. Don’t Point Your Feet or Finger at People

Feet are considered to be unclean and therefore it’s important to avoid pointing your feet at people or touching people or objects (particularly books) with your feet or shoes. If you accidentally do so, you should apologize straight away. Also, note that Indians will often touch their head or eyes as a show of apology. On the other hand, it’s a sign of respect to bend down and touch an elder person’s feet in India.

SO the bow down and touch ‘unclean nasty feet’ and more is respect? yet offensive other times? and of course this is culture.

What I find it is and ‘almost will always be a man’s world’ due to the strength of men but us gals have evened that out now :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So if the men are the base trouble to it all, eradicate men as the trigger issue and life can now move forward ‘freely and open’ cause with medical today, we don’t need men anymore truly for a future life and keeping population going. HA We can populate the planet with calm human energy and ‘train the male young’ins’ from birth different?

Hmmm got me thinking on this one LOL

again, yanking your chain on it all

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If the precautions were so successful in reducing flu cases to one then surely they should have been equally successful in reducing COVID cases… that they didn’t implies that they may not be responsible for the reduction in flu cases either?

Edit to add I may not have worded my response very well I agree…

(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #74

How can you physiologically connect that to the typical mask?

That I understand… It’s not just young people…

Them " blah, blah blah "

Me " what was that?"

Them " blah, blah blah "

Me " what was that?"

Rinse and repeat 5 times, then they lower there mask and communicate in a way i can understand…

I don’t understand why no one has cashed in on a little personal PA system…

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According to the CDC, the flu spreads the same way they are currently saying covid spreads (right down to the 6 foot distance). If the masks being commonly worn (I get mine from that notable supplier of PPE: Old Navy) stopped the flu, they would have stopped covid. To believe we have taken one illness with the same transmission process down to or near zero, while leaving the other at ‘pandemic’ levels is a bit much to believe. It makes far more sense that one is being diagnosed as the other. Or masks have done nothing for either and it is something else entirely.


I don’t know shoes rules but I don’t care about that anyway.
I care about the smoking but people just don’t care about me or the law and do it anyway, at least outside, it’s very frequent in bus stops.


(Old Baconian) #78

You missed my point. The precautions taken by the State of Connecticut greatly reduced the rate of Covid infections in the state. I don’t know what in my post gives you the idea that they did not.

We kept the rate of infection to a level that allowed our healthcare system to continue functioning and eliminated the need for refrigerated trucks outside all the morgues. That was the goal, and we achieved it.

As far as influenza is concerned, you are right that correlation is not causality, and the virtual elimination of influenza cases may well have been the result of a confounding factor. However, it is reasonable to expect that precautions designed to slow the spread of one airborne disease might well have had an impact on the spread of another airborne disease.

(Tracy) #79

I’m using that as an example of rules that apply to businesses. Everyone knows of the “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” rule. It prevents people from behaving uncivilized. I’m addressing the question specifically asked - I will wear a mask if a business says it’s required because I’m just the type of person who respects rules. If someone else doesn’t want to wear a mask, I’m not bothered by it.


I never understand that. Boobs are about the best things ever, both men and women tend to love them as I’ve read. I am very much into boobs myself (despite my SO is a male, well a demipansexual can’t be a chooser :smiley: at least I have a pair, it’s not the same but well, something :D).
But I don’t even understand when someone has problem with seeing most body parts if those aren’t pretty. It’s just a body, we all have one even though they are very different. (And I exclude genitals, they are special and I can fully understand if someone find them extremely unappealing and/or disturbing, annoying, distracting. Well okay, even a nice cleavage of s singer manages to distract me from the song but nevermind that.)

Oh my another thing where I am masculine :smiley: But how can one not be totally charmed by a pair of nice boobs? Arousal is a strong word, I am demisexual, after all but boobs makes life better.
(Nope, I am very sure women are attracted by physical things too. Isn’t it well known?)

Mom and me would have done the same… Not right away but if a monk wouldn’t behave… (Mom was a judge and met several men with questionable morals and behavioral issues and she shared with me what she would have done if the law wouldn’t restrict her.)

Wow, I managed to write 2 comments not about Covid but some dilution may be okay. I kinda had enough of the topic but one can’t fully avoid it and I am a very curious one anyway. I even have my opinion, it’s just tiny as I don’t know much. I don’t really get the huge anti-vaccine thing as we swap a big known risk for a tiny kinda-known plus a totally mystery part - but it’s not very likely it will be something horrible, the chance for that is super tiny. No vaccination is clearly a super bad thing and the alternative is probably WAY better so of course vaccination happen. Meanwhile obviously there is politics and business, that’s clear but I don’t see it so bad as everything point into a similar direction.
I don’t think the masks (these loose, open things people usually use) are particularly useful but I know little and wearing them in my case is a lil nothing, a super tiny inconvenience only, even just being a law abiding citizen and making a few people feel better is worth it (even though the first is really not that important for me, I break that if I see a good reason. but I would win about nothing here).
Here, I talked about Covid. I try to forget about it until my vaccination on Tuesday :smiley: I expect feeling way better afterwards as I don’t feel well now. But we will see.

Why did I do this? This thread is so wonderful with all the offtopic :smiley: