Privacy for Medical Topics

(jketoscribe) #1

I’m not thrilled to see that so many topics will be visible to the public. I’d like to see that the medical topics are private. People come there for support, and it will be impossible if everyone has to post anonymously for privacy-- who’s who???

(carl) #2

@richard, do you think the entire Health topic should be private, only for members? I do. I think the only things that should be public are information, science, recipes, and the like. Anything remotely personal should be out of reach of the search engines.

(blarose) #3

I agree, health stuff should be private. I’m not terribly wild about losing the “privacy” of the facebook forums in general, but I do understand the desire to increase outreach. But there do need to be more “private” areas for discussions of more personal things.

(Mark Anthony Spiteri) #4

Yeh I think this is a good idea and it will give members the peace of mind when they post personal material.

(Richard Morris) #5

Yeah I think that’s a good call. We’ll put a lock on the entire medical forum and it will be available only to logged in users.

And we’ll set a policy that Admins as a rule won’t move a topic from Medical to a public group. We’ll have to also expect privileged users who get the ability to re-categorize topics to follow the same rules. I’ll look into a way to enforce that too.

(Richard Morris) #6

All topics in #health are now only visible to people are are logged in and level 1 or above

Note content in this category is not visible to google and not shareable with facebook or twitter.
New users can not see this forum (or any of the sub forums) until they have been promoted to trust level 1 (15 mins of use)

(Jacquie) #7

Thank you! :slight_smile:

(Jessica K) #8

Perfect solution!

(John Collyer) #9

Just a thought, can you suppress (remove) the share button on the private categories so that a user cannot accidentally, but with the best intentions, share that information?

Great job on forum by the way.


(Richard Morris) #10

What I understand will happen is that you can tweet a topic (or share it on FB) and everyone will get the link but the only people who will be able to go to it are those who are logged into the forum and have the necessary access to read that post.

But yeah it might be better if there were no share button

(John Collyer) #11

It would remove the risk in the first instance, it won’t stop copy and paste or screen grabs, but removal of the button means that reasonable steps have been taken to prevent it. I would keep the save (bookmark) button though.

(Roxanne) #12

Can topics be moved TO the medical category after the fact…just realized I’ve been discussing my depression issues in a public forum, and perhaps should have been posting anonymously…Oh…disregard, just looked back and it IS in the medical section…brilliant!

(Richard Morris) #13

Yes, any moderator can do that. After about 100 days you’ll probably be a moderator yourself. But for now just ask any admin to move a topic into a protected area or to delete your non anon posts on a topic and you can go anon and make them again.

(Roxanne) #14

It’s like magic! I guess you just did that…thanks!


Yes, it doesn’t even break the links or bookmarks when it gets moved. :slight_smile:

(Kipp Howard) #16

I just created my 2nd topic (in the Health category) and got the notice about how to create posts. In that notice, even though I was in the private Health category, the notice said something about being aware that all this post will be publicly available. The notice should be modified to either not display that part of the notice when in a private category or it should be re-written to be more general to describe the accessibility of private and public categories.

(Richard Morris) #17

yes. I’m not sure how we can do that as that notice is I think a system one. But I’ll look into it

(Kipp Howard) #18

Maybe just reword the notice a bit to indicate that those categories with a lock will not be publicly accessible.