Posting problems

(Jay AM) #1

I don’t know what causes it on mobile but, sometimes when writing a reply to a topic, everywhere I click on the page or in the text box clicks off somewhere else. Trying to touch in the text box sometimes clicks buttons like sharing or linking for example. And it doesn’t stop. I have to switch it to desktop mode and leave it there. Sometimes closing the tab and reopening the site fixes it, sometimes not. It’s actually doing it right now even in desktop mode. As I’m clicking create topic, it’s clicking in the text box instead.

(Aimee Moisa) #2

I am having a similar problem. For me it looks like clicking somewhere is activating a spot about a centimeter above where I tapped on my screen. I can usually deal with it when I am editing or formatting the text I just wrote but because the “Reply” button is on the bottom of the window I can’t activate it 'cause I would have to tap my screen about a centimeter below my screen.

Is there an app for accessing the forum? Maybe Chrome Mobile doesnt like it.

(Phil Maskell ) #3

App I use on iOs is Discourse, seems to work fine for me, think on iOs its using a variant of Safari.

Hope that helps, unless you’re on Android and Discourse is not available?

(Aimee Moisa) #4

Thanks for the suggestion @maskellp, looks like I can get Discourse on Android so I’ll try it out.


Hi. Can anyone permanently delete my account? I don’t see an option on the settings?
Great site, but my style does not fit in around here with daily activitie users that copy and paste advice.
Please can my whole info be removed so I can’t revisit or make a new account; so please feel free to ban my email address permanently (GDPR and all that).
Thanks in advance.

(Jay AM) #6

You could just leave. And, you don’t have to be a “daily user who just copy and pastes advice.” First off, advice gets copied and pasted because people ask the same questions repeatedly and most of the problems have the same answer. Second, you don’t have to be a daily user. I’m active on and off as my job dictates.