Posting photo from android phone?


Hi I can’t figure out how to upload photos from my android phone’s gallery. When I’m typing my post I can see the upload option but then it only offers me

Voice Recorder

No option to go to gallery and upload from there.
Can anyone help me out? I’ve taken screens shots and can send them via messenger or email if that would help.

Keen to start posting recipes and food porn but this is holding me back!


How to post a photo from an Android phone
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There might be something helpful here:


I should have mentioned that I am already using the android Discourse app. I’ll have a little look through the thread you posted, although it appears on first glance that a lot of it goes over my head :neutral_face:


Go to documents, open the menu on the left, then down to Gallery.

The UK Shopping List

Worked a treat - Let the food porn begin!

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How about a way to transfer my Facebook pic to here via an Android phone?


Start by going to your Facebook page and downloading your profile picture. It should go to the Facebook folder in your gallery. Then access as above.

Or maybe for those who make an account linked to their Facebook login - something which hasn’t been implemented yet - it will do that for you. It’s a work in progress at this point.

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Thanks for your response, however it does not help me. I am not able, using my phone to go to FB, to download my photo. While touching my photo on screen, I tap, I swipe and nothing happens. I see no option onscreen to do anything with the photo as I am touching it.
Let it go. It’s really not important.

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Eureka! I discovered hot spot capability on my app list, can now use desktop comp to do everything. Yay.