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(Guardian of the bacon) #1

Admins: It may be my screen adjustments but when somebody posts a link using the link button there is virtually no contrast from the normal text. It is difficult to tell that a link has been posted.

Random thread link following for demonstration: 2 keto dudes home page

How to: create a link
(G. Andrew Duthie) #2

Moving to Site Feedback.

Agree with you on the lack of contrast. @richard, is this something we can tweak in the site theme/palette?

(Lauren) #3

Perhaps an underline would work better?

(Guardian of the bacon) #4

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The user can highlight the link selection and make it bold. Would be nice if the site did it automatically.


I concur. I totally missed a link in a post a couple of times today. If someone else hadn’t clicked through and the little number popped up, I never would have seen it.

(Wayne Godfrey) #6

Same here. I’ve read many posts where the author didn’t explicitly mention the link and it was very easy to miss that the link even existed. My preference would be a different color AND an underline.

(I like to post memes!) #7

Bolding works for me!

(Guardian of the bacon) #8

@richard. any progress made on making links more obvious?

(Richard Morris) #9

Yes we changed links so they had a greater contrast from regular text

regular text Bold Text Young Aussies more likely to fall for fad diets more regular text

(Guardian of the bacon) #10