Post was hidden, and account deleted


Hello ketogenic team,

my first try to post, my post was deleted automatic and my account also deleted automatic (it seems automatic). I guess due to I used a VPN service and a mail service some sites don’t like.

So I did a new account (this one). And my post was immediately deleted / hidden to be reviewed.

I am curious if this time my account will be also deleted the next minutes… I hope not.

Could you please review my first post? I have a issue with a super high ketone level and am a bit worried.

Thank you

(Bacon enough and time) #2

There are a number of criteria that the forum software uses to determine whether a post is spam or not. Using a VPN should not, by itself, trigger the safeguards. You should be able to return to using your VPN with the new account. I verified your post, so let’s see what happens.


Great! Thank you!