Post Nasal Drip and Keto?

(Troy John) #1

Wondering if there may be a connection between Post Nasal Drip and Keto? Anyone experience this and would suggest how they were able to get rid of it? Thanks.

(Robin) #2

That’s a new one for me. Of course not all symptoms are keto-related, but I bet ha someone here will have an antidote.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #3

Mine is a lot better on keto than it used to be. Are you taking an antihistamine? That might help. And possibly a decongestant, as well, though in the U.S. Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) is difficult to come by, these days.

Some people find that dairy products stimulate their mucus production. How much cream and cheese are you eating (butter shouldn’t have that effect).

(Troy John) #4

Thanks Paul. Yes, I am taking an antihistamine, makes the nasal passage dry up but not much help. I dont eat cheese anymore, and very little cream or dairy. My doc prescribed a nasal cortisteroid spray which was of no help. So I was wondering if others have had this issue on Keto as I am trying to eliminate possibilities.

(MC) #5

Yes due to a lot of keto foods being histamine liberators. Nuts, cheese, dairy, leafy greens etc

Histamine is broken down by diamineoxidase DAO and you can buy supplements to help with this when your ‘histamine bucket’ gets full. Alternatively, you can limit those foods to a tolerable level. Just try things out and see what helps and what doesn’t.

I would add though that it’s tree pollen season in a lot of parts of the world and that can affect a lot of people, so it could just be environmental.


I’ve had this issue all my life - pre and current with keto. As mentioned by @PaulL there may be specific foods that cause excessive mucus. So by trial and error you might find eliminating some stuff helps. For me, the most significant change after starting keto is that the mucus is more likely to drain. In other words, I have to blow my nose and clear my throat lots now, whereas prior to keto my sinuses got clogged. Although it’s a nuisance clearing my throat frequently and blowing my nose every so often - it beats clogged sinuses by a country mile! As a child and teen I got sinus infections frequently from clogged mucus and spent many hours having water pumped into my sinuses to force drainage. That was a torture procedure I would not wish upon anyone!

(Joey) #7

Same here. :nose:

Forced to estimate, I’d say my ever-so-slightly-runny nose has been ever-so-slightly-less-runny on keto. But that’d be splitting (nose) hairs.

If it’s really troubling, @Milliecake1234 and @PaulL’s suggestion to explore whether certain foods might aggravate things could be worth a try. (Frankly, mine was never bothersome enough to go there, so I’ve got no personal experience to share.)

(Central Florida Bob ) #8

Like @MattWisti, I’ve had this all my life. My wife even invented the term postnatal drip - to say I’ve had it all my life.

I can’t associate it with having gone keto, but I think I’ve needed to be on keto all my life, so maybe needing to be on keto makes it more likely. Can’t prove it by me.

This is our pollen season and it’s bothering me more now, but I’ve been through the allergist de-sensitizing shots three times over 15 years, and now just use OTC allergy things.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #9

In the early 1970’s my mother was being treated for allergies, and in those days in this area, a bad pollen count was 450. These days, pollen counts are often 4500 (yes, there’s an extra zero on that number).

I remember a week, about nine years ago, when the pollen count where I was living at the time was so bad that even people who were not allergic to pollen were experiencing symptoms.

(Joey) #10

Yet another illustration of how plants are trying to kill us? :wink:

(Eve) #11

I had have a histamine intolerance for a few years so cannot eat any tinned, cured or processed fish or meat. Spinach and eggplant/aubergine, are also very high in histamine so l can’t eat them either. Taking otc anti histamines do not help my reaction so l just have to avoid those foods. It has been suggested that l have a leaky gut, due to gut dysbiosis, which means that chemicals can leak into the blood stream when they aren’t supposed to, causing reactions.
My nose also runs in cold weather and if l eat hot food!

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #12

Eating a ketogenic diet should help you, then, since the ketone body β-hydroxybutyrate is even better for the intestine than the butyrate produced by certain bacteria that feed on fibre.


So does mine. In my case, however, it’s not due to eating histamine containing foods because I don’t eat fruits and vegetables. For me specifically my ‘runny nose’ is actually a good thing because my primary issue is that not running causes sinus congestion. For me the congestion is a far worse alternative to frequently blowing my nose.

(Eve) #14

@PaulL. Yes, l am very much hoping so :pray:. My reason for starting the keto diet is not to lose weight, but primarily to try to heal my gut and digestive problems which have been giving me awful trouble.

(Todd Chester) #16

Sometimes that is caused by a previous virus infection that is gone but your body does not realize it. Symptoms of this are being very tired and a constant drippy nose. “Long Covid” is one of these. Antihistamines do help. If you are avoiding drugs, the Traditional Chinese Medicine also have some stuff.

Or perhaps, you have hay fever. I do. Xanthium 12 works well for me. Much better than drugs. Helps with asthma too:

But you are probably reacting to something you ate. Dairy gets blamed for this a lot. Keep in mind that Keto is the least inflammatory diet.