Post editing over time

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I was going to update this original post with more information.
But I can’t edit it.

Is there a way to allow me to edit that post ?


There should be a pencil in the lower right corner of the end of the post…next to the reply and heart buttons

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It’s not there.
Editing expires after a certain period of time ?

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I wouldn’t be surprised. It works that way on another forum I belong to.


Oh, then yeah, probably a timer.

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Bumping an old conversation to add this question: how long can one keep editing posts?

I ask because I would like to create a table in my accountablity topic. The table would hold some n=1 data. I want to add rows to it over time. Time being weeks or months.


Not very long. I don’t remember the exact time, but if you want something updatable I’d go with making it into a wiki, which you can edit repeatedly. The down side is that other people can edit wiki posts too… but I doubt that will be a problem and you can unedit it too.

I might have to wiki-fy it for you after you create it.

Here’s all about editing wiki posts, but the pencil icons have changed since I did this…
HOW TO: Edit a Wiki Post and see edit history (gif)

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Ah yes, I understand. I will have a look into the wiki. If I decide my kind of information fits there, I might ask you to wiki-fy a post for me. Thanks.

Added later. Apparently now this is a wiki post :upside_down_face:.

Added much later; a wikified post is editable after the period normal posts aren’t.


If you want to experiment, I just made your last post into a wiki.

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I found the answer by letting time go by and watching my old posts: it is two months. After that the pencil disappears.