Possibly reshaping?


I bet! And you haven’t only what you listed to be thankful for but you have a great attitude as well :slight_smile: I appreciate my legs too, not everyone have them and mine are even working pretty well. I can’t imagine not walking though some people are running without legs too…
I still wish you to get prettier legs as well :wink: Who knows what the future brings?


Thanks Shinita. And I wish you continued happiness, vitality and health🙂

(Robin) #43

Holy cow, your midsection is so slender! Awesome!

(Ursula wagner) #44

Absolutely. When I was younger I was very skinny but I always had a bit of what I referred to as thunder thighs. Then children came along, etc etc and I gained everywhere. The thunder thighs got bigger as well. After starting keto, it is the first time that I no longer have these thunder thighs. It’s a miracle! Keto definitely eats away your fat pockets.


Hi Ursela, how awesome that keto worked out that way for you🙂I am hoping it will, if not actually cure, improve my lipoedema, but even if keto only provides me with a means of prevention, I am experiencing other health benefits so both my incentive and encouragement is there. KCKO🙂