Possible relationship between covid-19 and blood sugar


The retired scientist I was talking to said he has stopped eating red meat during the pandemic due to the correlation between high iron in the body (carnivore diet) and serious COVID-19 disease. There seems to be some link with high ferritin, but anemia seems to be a worse case scenario.


OK YOU! draggin me in and me not reading anything but from this little post ya said this is my thoughts.

How long carnivore? How were results of this scientist? How was ‘this person’ on plan etc. Other medical issues this person deals with? big time players here.

then I say WHY IN THE HELL would anyone change anything good about their life (assuming it was a good carnivore life and health benefits) due to a ‘study on covid and iron intake’ when that study probably has nothing at all to equal someone being ‘off all plant carbs’ and crap food in the body? In that NO study will show iron levels and effects of being on no plant carbs ever and what does that all mean and correlations?

I have to say if one walks from something good in their life that heals and gains health due to a study that shows a ‘correlation’ to a virus that is out there right now…is there a study of correction to the common flu that rages out there and is gonna change a carnivores mind? Is there info out there on any and all medical diagnosis that would also change a carnivores mind?

nah ya can’t drag me in on this LOL sorry but I say if you feel great on plan, never leave the darn paln cause if you go back to plant oils, chemical sludge foods, to grains and more you will be worse vs. what a study that is ‘in big question to a carnivore’s life’ would mean…then that person is a fearful person anyway and will react to whatever is out there to change their minds in some fashion just do to fear I guess?


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There were a couple of ketoers hoping to catch COVID and get it over with.

Here is a really interesting podcast to listen to. It’s about volunteering to be infected in a vaccine human challenge trial.