Pork Tongue

(KM) #1

Anyone tried it? Our local pasture-raised animal farm is selling it, at half the cost of beef tongue. I love beef tongue, at least when it’s presented as a coldcut, but never tried pork.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #2

Give it a try.

I’ve only ever had beef tongue. The one I cooked myself was enjoyable, but I really like the delicatessen version, which is somewhere between corned beef and pastrami in taste and texture.

(Joey) #3

As a kid I loved tongue from the deli. Then my older brother asked me if I knew what it was? … and he told me… it was tongue.

Then he said that tongue is “the only food that tastes you back.”

That kind of spooked me. :roll_eyes:

(KM) #4

Yup. I’ve actually never had fresh cooked beef tongue, only the cold cut sort. Which is awesome.


My Auntie Mary cooked pork tongue just like you would cook a beef tongue. I loved them both don’t remember any big difference in taste but it has been decades :).
I have personally only cooked beef tongue, it is pretty available here in Colorado. Never came across pork since unlike her, I don’ t raise my own hogs not beef.


I cooked beef and pork tongue, they are similar to me, I slightly prefer the pork one but I only tried beef tongue once… Pork tongue is way easier to get here (it’s always the case with pork and beef… local butchers don’t even have beef, just pork and chicken) but I am very content with that.
My SO strongly prefers the pork one.

Tongue is my fav organ meat, at least if I don’t consume it very often. For some reason, I can get bored of it. While I don’t like chicken liver that much but I regularly eat it…