Podcast Tech

(Jenny) #1

Has anyone had a problem with playing the podcast? I use Google podcasts and have found the last 3 podcasts won’t let you skip ahead or go backwards. Most annoying is the fact that when you pause the podcast it goes back to the beginning when you start it back up. I listen in spurts. On my way to and from work, during my lunch time walk, etc. I think it might be a setting that is done during publishing of the podcast and I’ve messaged the admins and they tagged Carl but I haven’t heard anything back. I seriously cant listen anymore and that’s just not acceptable! Help!

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #2

It may be intermittent, because I listen directly from the Web site, and was just thinking the other day how nice it was to be able to advance past the beginning part nowadays. I wonder if it might work for you to try that, too. The Web site also gives you the option of downloading the entire podcast for offline listening. I haven’t tried it, but your device might have less trouble playing back that way.

(Jenny) #3

Good answer! Thanks Paul! Good to go with the website.

(Scott) #4

I listen while running and will cheat through the intro if it is longer than a hour (my run time). I have always had a problem on Google where if listening to music at the gym I can hit pause on my earphones and resume after I finish talking to someone. If I hit pause on the podcast for longer than a few seconds I am back to the beginning.

(Jenny) #5

Thanks Scott, sounds like a google thing although I’ve been listening for almost a year and this problem just started. Listened today on the website and it worked just fine.