Planning........does this seem right?


Thank you.
I was hoping one month would be long enough.

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The bin is one of my favourite weight loss tools!! :joy::joy::shushing_face:

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It might or it might not. If you want to find out, the best way to find out if you are fat adapted is do a 36hr fast ie do not eat anything for a day (plus a night). If you feel OK, and are not ravenously hungry, then you are fat adapted.


A cheap and easy test - well apart from not eating.

Thank you very, very much.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Macros returned to ‘maintain weight’. And I’ll fast next Friday and Saturday.


I’ve been invited to a surprise birthday party, and here’s the menu

What shall I choose of the meats and fish and green, above ground veg?

I’m a bit befuddled - this is nicely posh. And I want to be a grateful guest.

What would you choose?

And calling all Indians - we’ve been asked not to take presents - but is there something particularly meaningful I can take to this maybe 80 year old lady who years ago looked after my daughter.

Thank you.


Hello from my ‘newbie’ thread. Insights, comments and help please.

OK. I’ve been eating ‘keto’ for four months. I’ve not lost any weight since the initial water weight of 3kg but i’ve lost about 25 centimetres from the various bodily circumferences. Socks are needed by my bra, the triangular bit between chin and neck is almost a memory, and there are inspiring grey lines across my belt as I’ve changed holes.

I started this to test whether ‘keto’ could help my ADHD life, and I think it has. My lows are less frequent not so acute. I felt great, bright, chirpy, engaged.

I started by measuring macros quite religiously. But then laziness and life has got in the way and I’ve gone from dirty (I forgot it should be lazy-keto) keto to approaching filthy keto.

As I said, life got in the way, and I got tired and cross and anxious. I ate any old slab of protein and that meant just lumps of cheese instead of a ‘planned meal’, some fat but probably not enough, but no tubers or grains as I don’t have a taste for them any more. But I ate hardly any veg - about one Cos lettuce in six weeks! And maybe a handful of tomatoes but no berries.

I feel pretty crap. I’ve no umph. My heart rate seems to be higher than it should be. And today a friend asked if I was depressed and suggested I found someone to talk to. While this might be a good idea I thought I’d start closer to home just incase eating ‘properly’ might have a beneficial effect!

This is what I think I’ll do. Please comment, suggest, advise …

  • eat green leaves every day
  • eat berries every day
    –> as I understand low folic acid and vitamin C can cause depression. So leaves with fat to aid absorption and maybe going over 20gms per day for a week just to increase my vitamin stores.
  • eat organ meats at least every other day - essentially get a lot of my protein from organ meats, because I’m sort of guessing the concentration of minerals etc in organ meats could be useful.
  • up my magnesium supplementation - I’ve been very slapdash

So can the wit and wisdom of the international keto community sort me out? Please. & thank you. x

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Actually l just did this for the first time since l’m Ketoing :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Be sure to keep your carbohydrate intake as low as possible, since anything above a certain threshold is going to trigger insulin secretion that is going to hold you back. Insulin stops the production of ketones in the liver, so you are not going to be feeding ketones to your brain and getting that sharpness. There’s a reason we call it “carb fog”! Everyone’s threshold is different, but a limit of 20 g/day is safe for almost everyone but the most metabolically deranged.

When the human body produces enough ketones, it has much less need of antioxidants from food. Carbohydrate intake and the resulting insulin shut down the body’s built-in antioxidant systems, and the ketone bodty β-hydroxybutyrate turns them back on again. Organ meats are still great to eat, however, and they will help with your magnesium and potassium levels.


Thank you.


Yesterday I made a pie for my family - it’s what they wanted as they’re very tired and stressed - new parents, a severely tongue-tie baby who hasn’t put on weight as he should. But they’re getting there.

Anyway back to the pie, lots of lovely beef, a bit dry as it was cooked in a pressure cooker, so a gloopy, Spelt flour, thickened gravy to help it slip down. And it was topped with a factory made pastry.

I ate some. And then I went home. And I felt aweful.

The journey home is a 80 minute trip by DLR, bus, Overground and bus. Thank goodness for the odd walk between each mode of transport and for the gap between my coat buttons. Furtling between the buttons, I loosened my belt by one hole, and unbuttoned my jeans.

Aahh relief.

A lesson learned.


I’ve decided to visit my GP before Christmas.

I’ll ask for the standard blood tests, FBC - full blood count, U&E - urea and electrolytes.
Are there any other blood tests I should ask for?

I think I’ve read on this forum that standard cholesterol tests just indicate ‘ill health’ to the ordinary family doctor and they just panic and rush to prescribe statins. And I think I’ve read that a more detailed cholesterol blood test is necessary when eating keto. What should I ask for?

Thank you.

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An NMR analysis (I believe it stands for “nuclear magnetic resonance”) of the LDL particle sizes. If the size distribution fits the right pattern, it will calm the doctor down, regardless of the LDL-P and -C numbers.

But if you really want an actual measure of your heart disease risk, ask for a CAC, which is a scan of calcium levels in the coronary arteries. You probably won’t get it, and your insurance might very well not pay for it, but even so, the fact that you know to ask for it will probably de-rail the discussion about statins. If he hasn’t already seen it, tell him to go on YouTube and watch the documentary, “The Widomaker,” and you’ll talk after he’s watched it.

I’m calling your doctor “him” for convenience—apologies if it’s a “her.” :grin:

BTW, there are two versions, one about an hour long, the other about and hour and a half. Don’t let your doctor be confused by that.


Thank you.
I’m in the UK and so investigations are not paid for by private health insurance. I just have to make a good clinical case to my GP.
I don’t have any indicators of heart disease so I don’t suppose s/he will request scans.
But I’m hoping I can get as full a series of blood tests as possible!!


Two things - just using this thread as a diary.

GP - I went to the GP, a routine almost social visit to introduce myself and to get to know her as she will now be prescribing my ADHD medication. I told her I have been eating keto since June and that I find it very beneficial as I feel on a more even keel. I said I haven’t lost weight and showed her my belt and the row of stripes and used holes. I said I wasn’t sure I was eating enough extra salts and asked if I could have my magnesium levels tested. She didn’t bat an eyelid and I’m to have my U&Es and magnesium levels done.

Fasting - I last ate on Thursday afternoon a bone broth, pigeon and mushroom soup.
On Friday morning I had a cup of cocoa with 17g of coconut oil - so that’s almost 200 calories and 2 carbs. In the evening I had one sachet of Bimuno prebiotic (there’s strong evidence it promotes sleep) which was another 3g of carbs.
And I’ll do the same today.
Can I call it fasting if I eat 5g of carbs per day?
This is my first attempt at actively not eating meals since I started keto about seven months ago. On some days I’ve not needed to eat, had no hunger but I suppose I’ve not ever eaten less than one meal a day. Mild gluttony and the umami call of the cheese in the fridge…
And this morning, nearly 48 hours since last having a meal, I just feel absolutely normal.

Why fast now, you might ask.
Well keto is lovely and dirty or lazy keto is even lovelier but yesterday I went into Selfridges to try on dresses. My daughter is getting married in six weeks and I have a nice piece of silk I thought I make into a poshish frock. But before I cut into this beautiful blue fabric and make a wrap round dress I thought I’d try one on - it was awful: too much me distorting the fabric.
And so today I’m continuing the fast I inadvertently started yesterday.

This is how I’m going to play it. I am going to fast with a cup of cocoa and Bimuno being my total/maximum carb intake for the day. I will eat if I have to for social reasons - this afternoon friends are cooking for me - but otherwise I will fast with some butter or oil with my morning drink.
So I have just weighed myself. It is 1018 on Saturday morning and so, post glass of water and mug of cocoa, and naked but wearing glasses, I weigh 66.8kg.
And if it goes well I’ll post a photo of me in the outfit I’ll make for the wedding with a ‘before’ picture in the Selfridges trying-on room.
Happy days everyone.


My first mistake!
I’ve rushed our, late as I was thinking and writing the posting above, and I have maybe 90 minutes on public transport and until I’m near a kettle.
I feel a bit feel and feeble, no longer normal.
I have a brand new Contigo no spill travel mug and I intended to fill it with salty Marmite and hot water. But I didn’t.
Hey ho.
But I have some Himalayan salt in a tiny canister attached to my key ring…will it work?

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Around here, some folks will eat 20 eggs and they will call it a fast :thinking:


When I started my weight was 69.5kg.
I’m a quite mucky ketoer - but I very rarely eat grains or tubers or sugars or anything refined except for Marmite and konnyaki.
My blood sugars are ok, but I have hypertension…
My weight went down to 66.6kg in the first two weeks or so. And I’ve hovered between 67.5kg and 66.5kg from when I started eating keto in June last year to about a month ago. But I went from a 36DD to a 34C bra size and my waist measurement is about 12cm or 4 belt holes smaller.
In the last month I stopped eating cheese, and veered towards eating OMD/OMAD or every 36 hours or so. I didn’t plan when I ate, but just ate when it was convenient.
My weight is now 64.9kg…
How cool is that?


Thank you for my first Anniversary badge.
x x x