Planning........does this seem right?


I have to post this … today my weight is 66.6 kg … what a cool number!

(Alec) #22

Isn’t that a version of the devil’s number?

(Alec) #23

3kg down in 2 weeks? Great progress!

(Bacon is the new bacon) #24

66.6 kg the weight of the Beast.


Or supping with the devil?

But, sharp intake of breath,

“Did you call me a beast?”

Shocked in London looks for chocolate but has a mug of Marmite tea instead!

(Bacon is the new bacon) #26

You had me at chocolate but lost me at Marmite, lol! :chocolate_bar: :bacon:


A spoonful in mug of boiling water.



I went off the rails and crashed!!
I hosted a picnic for a family who likes carbs, bread and cake being their favourites.

I had lots of stuff for me, chicken and cheese. But I ate a little slice of the lovely sour dough bread spread thickly with butter and cream cheese - and that was probably on the boundaries of OK - I could have pulled back from that. And then I ate a slither of almond tart which frankly wasn’t tasty enough - but still it didn’t tempt me to want more cake.

But I came home and finished the chicken. And on Monday I finished the cheese. So I guess I ate about 500 grams of protein - about eight days worth.

And then I tidied the freezer, chucked out some unnecessary cooked rye grains, classified the drawers including one drawer of non-keto but nice food for guests (is this ethical?). I found some fish stock and made a soup by adding a frozen cube of ginger and chilli, a slice of salmon and mackerel, a very goodly dollop of coconut oil and a liberal shaking of salt. So that’s maybe another 300+ grams of protein. And no carbs at all, well no veg at all.

Hey ho.

So today I’m back to proper counting. I plan to make some savory fat bombs, up my salt, and drink lots (but have checked my bag and I’ve left my water bottles on the kitchen counter - that’s ADHD for you.)

Are there any other suggestions? All help and prodding gratefully accepted.

Have a lovely day everyone.

(Jane) #29

Life happens and don’t beat yourself up over it.

You have a plan to get back on track so you are good to go!

(Bacon is the new bacon) #30

Wait a minute! You binged on chicken and cheese, and you call that running off the rails and crashing? We should all binge so healthily.

If you’d eaten all the sourdough, all the almond tart, and finished off the cake, that would have been a binge! :bacon:

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I completely agree!

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Pat, I love the way you write. :slight_smile:


Thank you.


Please would someone explain the physiology of fat adaption - perhaps Old Doug (on the …too many G&T’s thread) as his explanation of the digestion of alcohol was so clear.

Thank you.

(Alec) #35

There was some good explanations in another recent thread



I’m sitting in south London, explaining to a type 2 diabetic friend (as well as I can as a very unschooled newbie) the history and politics of Western dietary advice.

I’ve given him the link from to the podcast of our special gentlemen, “The History of Dietary Guidelines with Gary Fettke”.

And I’m remembering there is an American doctor who was the great low fat promoter … but I can’t remember his name. Help please …

Thank you very much - this friend is a historian and this name will be very persuasive.

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You ate 500+ grams of protein in one day? Are your grams different across the lake?


I don’t think so. Why?

(Doug) #39

Thanks for the compliment, Pat. There is all the biochemistry of how we metabolize fat, but I look at “fat adaptation” pretty generally - carbs need to be severely restricted, especially in the beginning. We draw down our glycogen stores and gradually get into ketosis - this takes maybe 2 days or so and certainly varies. Burning fat then but it’s a long way to go to get adapted to burning fat all the way.

Slowly, the body gets used to burning fat, and it gets better at it. Varies by the individual again, but I’ve seen people saying things were still changing for the better after 6 months, even a year. It pays to get enough salt and other electrolytes - magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and to get plenty of sleep and keep stress down as much as possible - don’t want cortisol problems or anything to be messing with the body when it’s already got all this stuff going on. Pretty important to be eating plenty of food, enough protein and just about all the rest fat - don’t want a slowing metabolism; we want the body to get used to fat as a fuel, to using a lot of it.

Eventually, the capacity to burn fat for energy increases, at as much as twice the rate one had while eating a lot of carbohydrates, and sometimes a bit beyond that. Sounds pretty good, huh? :slightly_smiling_face: Takes patience to get there.


Thank you OldDoug.

But what happens in the body? What’s new? What changes? Or perhaps, what is fat metabolism?

I have a picture of little men, white hats and high viz jackets, pushing wheelbarrows of butter, coconut oil and macadamia nuts and quietly building a new factory.

I think I’m quite happy with the practical process, well the basics of it. I’m making and drinking ‘ketoaide’ but at the moment without magnesium, but I have magnesium tablets. I’m mainly keeping to the macros. If I deviate it’s to eat too much protein rather than too much carbohydrate which is mainly well below 20 grams per day. But I know that I really need to eat the carbs/green leafy veg for their mineral content. I eat lots of fat, butter, coconut oil, and the fats from meat and in eggs and cheese.

I’m not persuaded to buy a keto monitor. If I eat fat that’s what my body will have to use, and I don’t intend to confuse it with carbohydrates. Besides it hurts!!

I don’t feel hungry, if I have ‘cravings’ I have a little salt and fluids. I probably have more energy now. But I think starting this way of eating immediately after stepping off the plane from Canada might have prolonged jet lag, and perhaps made it difficult to distinguish jet lag from keto flu. I’ve not suffered the horrid keto-flu symptoms I’ve read about.

I’ve lots of little pots of rillettes in the freezer. Today I made my first fat bombs and made them without sweetener. And dinner was pork vindaloo and salad. I’ve a sink full of locally grown spinach sitting in water so that the grit and soils falls off - I’ll cook it tomorrow, just with butter, and freeze it in batches of 10 grams of carbs.

I’m thinking of traditional British and European high fat foods and how I can routinely use them. Now it’s past the summer equinox I hope to sow some Asian green vegetable seeds. It’s an interesting process adapting a new way of eating into a personal culture.

I think I’ve noticed that I’m calmer and gentler.

And as for plenty of sleep, it’s now 0329 …

Have a lovely weekend.