PKD measurements paleo ketogenic diet liver and marrow


Hello, I finally think I understand the meat measurements for PKD but need some clarification on the organ/liver part.

  1. Is it 400g of liver per week?
  2. Is the liver to be included in your overall 400g of meat/fat per day?
  3. Is it 200g of bone marrow per week?
  4. How is it possible to measure bone marrow when it just melts out of the bone?
  5. Do you roast bone marrow or cook it in meat broth?

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I don’t know Palaeo Medicina’s protocol, but 400 g/15 oz. of liver a week sounds like a lot. That much a month sounds about right–to me anyway. And I can’t imagine eating that much liver plus another equivalent amount of meat in one day. (Well, on carnivore that would be easy, but not on palaeo.)

I share your questions about bone marrow. Sometimes you can get it out of the bones when eating the meet, but my preferred way is to simmer the cracked bones for 24 hours, till they start to dissolve, and then get the marrow from drinking the broth. Also, 200 g of bone marrow per week seems like a lot.

If it were me, I’d just go with what feels right and not worry about it.


According to this old thread, your numbers are correct - 400g of liver per week and either 200g of brain or 200g marrow per week. Maybe you‘ll find some information on the marrow preparation in that thread as well?

I‘m not sure if and how the PKD has changed in recent years, I remember reading something about being allowed to eat more than 400g, however, I couldn‘t find any information on that and the ICMNI website is not very helpful (because they probably want you to actually book an appointment with them rather than give you all the information for free, which is understandable). Zsofia Clemens has appeared on a number of youtube videos, talking about the PKD, you might find more up-to-date information there.

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If you put your bone into the oven for a few minutes (varies somewhat, but like 5?) and then take it out, it melts from the outside in such that it can melt at the contact with the bone first, allowing you to then slide or spoon it out of the bone without much melting anything but a thin outer layer. If possible I eat my bone marrow cold, or at most heated enough to separate from the bone. Marrow goes into stomach, bone into bone bag for bone broth another day.


This is an excellent tip, thank you!