Peter Ballerstedt on protein quality

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That was my guess. Never had a problem understanding “close talkers” and if I did, watching rather than listening wouldn’t help me much.

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I’ll say it again. YouTube generates a transcript automatically. So if you have difficulty understanding the video or not enough time to watch, there’s a transcript. It’s not pretty, but it’s readable.

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Sorry… there was a whole Seinfeld episode about a gal who was a close talker (got too close when talking).


Thank you! It’s my format :smiley: I can’t bring myself to watch videos about nutrition (sometimes a short one), I don’t even read transcript but I am addicted to this forum and text and pics, wonderful. I have read so many new things…

I definitely eat more than enough protein but I always knew that. I did that as a vegetarian too, I am just that type of person… I don’t say it’s not better and easier on carnivore and more fitting for me as well…

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Texas talkers (slow) I usually listen to at 1.75. Ordinary people at 1.25 to 1.5. New York talkers (fast) I usually listen to at normal speed but if transcribing I have to slow it down to 0.75.

Some sound quality is so poor it hardly matters. (I work in a call center and actually bought myself quality over the ear gaming headphones just so I’d have awesome noise blocking and max clarity, because I want my customers, screaming at me in a foreign accent often, to be clearer hahahaha.)

My TV youtube app, if I change the speed, the sound is a disaster – it only works decently on my computer laptop.

I sometimes look at the often-poorly-translated auto-captions or transcript, but sometimes that doesn’t exist, and sometimes I just really feel that things like slides with graphs are needed.

I can usually read something in a tiny fraction of the time it takes to listen to it. But if you need images or video you just have to watch it at chipmunk speed. :smiley:



And I still don’t understand spoken English quite as well as a native speaker… Though it depends on the talker, of course. And the topic, I can understand familiar words way better. But the talker matters a lot.
I can’t speak English well either as I never really practiced it, just writing and reading. My spelling is good as I read very much but pronouncing words, oh my.
I got better in the last few years though. I couldn’t even watch a film without subtitles before. It’s a pain to watch videos with subtitles, sometimes I only listen to them anyway so I got better at understanding the language. There are rare tricky words but it’s not so bad now. But if the topic is deeper, it’s better to read it. I am super slow with numbers too…
I like that I can read at my preferred pace, I can’t change the pace of the video all the time, stopping for seconds after every number over 12… :smiley: I definitely love well articulated, slow talkers :smiley: But it’s way quicker to read, I read quite quickly and skim over less interesting parts. I am very very visual. I catch a glimpse about a paragraph but I can’t possibly know what will be in a video in the next minute…

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Opens on the upper right side of the video window: