(Robin) #1

Ingenious. I have a question though. They say our urine has the same nutrients as crop fertilizer… because the plants that feed us will in turn feed the plants. (Paraphrasing.)
My obvious question is what about keto urine? Or carni urine?


Doesn’t work, there’s some nitrogen content, but like a dog human pee will kill grass and plants. Milorganite is a fertilizer that’s literally from waste water and humans are the nitrogen source, but I know they have to do stuff to it so it works right. That said, I’d think Carni pee would be gold standard for that!

(Joey) #3

Of course it works. Just a matter of concentration.

Too much urine burns the grass, for sure. Just like too much chemical (nitrogen) fertilizer. The risk of burnout increases when it’s hot and dry weather.

Hence it’s always wise to water in any source of nitrogen fertilizer (pee included) promptly, rather than let it remain on the sensitive leaves. It needs to be absorbed by the roots for uptake.

But the right amount of pee works wonders. Ever notice those “super green” fast growing small patches on a lawn where a dog has peed? That’s the sweet spot… the right amount with subsequent rain/watering during the proper growing season.

Pee away, but please do so responsibly.