Pee sticks

(KM) #1

Just wanted to post, I got a new supply of ketostix today. Peed on the old and new sticks at the same time. Amazing difference between the new stick on the left and the old one on the right, from a jar I’ve had for about a year. Same style, same brand. I do believe this points to the idea that it’s not that the stick stop working because of ketones in urine decreasing, the stick stops working because of age, or maybe moisture.

And yes, it’s weird posting my pee online.

(Doug) #2

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

(Bob) #3

That is interesting.

I haven’t used any since the 90’s, so I am curious: Do they have an expiration or “best by” date on them?

(KM) #4

They do. The old ones actually didn’t expire til 2025, but I’ve been keeping them in the bathroom (no big surprise, I’m unlikely to pee in the dining room), and I think even with the desiccant, the moisture from the shower affected them.

I posted this because I’ve been using the old ones all along and getting a bit frustrated with the lackluster results, but chalking it up to declining ketone excretion. Apparently not the case!


Even the Atkins company says they are not an effective indicator of ketosis now. I found the only time mine registered me in ketosis was when I was dehydrated, not to passing out, but hadn’t had normal amounts of water for days while traveling.

I use a breathalyzer to check. I have been keto/lchf for years so rarely feel the need to check. You want a simple inexpensive one, not the more high tech modern style that is out there now.
Seach the forums for breathalyzer there is a ton of info on them here.

Good luck sorting yourself out.