Peanut Oil Safe or Not?


No recollection of where I heard this but someone recommended using peanut oil for deep fryers as a cheap option. I have heard mixed comments about peanut oil. Some putting it with seed oils and others saying it is perfectly ok since it is quite fatty on its own

I use animal fats, coconut oil, avocado oil and for low heat cooking olive oil. I have not cooked with peanut oil in years. I avoid all seed oils and tell even my non keto friends to reconsider using them.

I need something cheaper to use in my deep fryer. Assuming peanut oil is ok to use how often would I have to replace the oil

Note I do not eat pork so lard is not an option. I saw a huge vat of peanut oil at a big box store for practically nothing compared to avocado oil. Any issue with the extraction process so I would have to buy organic which would eliminate any savings on cost

(Jay AM) #2

Carl talks about peanut oil for a minute here. If you use the search for peanut oil, you might find other examples.


Thank you. I did search and did not find a lot of scientific explanations, simply I use it or do not use it. Some people equate peanut with seed oils and other do not. Not sure if I want to start using it but I do want to use my deep fryer and do not want to spend too much on oil

(TJ Borden) #4

My understanding (which I’m frequently told is wrong) is peanut oil is one of the better non-animal fat oils to fry in.

Lard definitely seems to be the most common animal fat to fry in, but tallow is actually even better. It also depends on your fryer. I have a fry daddy which has a concealed heating element so I can use anything and I jus put a lid on the fryer once it cools and store it with the fat.

I’ve read that you shouldn’t use animal fats in exposed element fryers, but I’ve never heard exactly why, so that could be propaganda from the seed oil companies.

(Jay AM) #5

Well, peanuts are a technical legume. Maybe that makes them different for performance. Seed oils shouldn’t ever be used at high heat and they aren’t stable out of a fridge. Plus, how they are turned into oil is a questionable process. Sorry I don’t have more information.


Yes we agree on seed oils and even out of the fridge does not help since unless it is an expensive flax seed if it is basic organic canola oil it has been sitting someplacce