Pain on left side

(Josh) #1

Hey everyone I’ve been on the keto for 4 months, I’ve dropped 18 pounds of weight, but I noticed I’m starting to feel pain under my left rib towards the bottom a bit, it feels like a muscle searing pain to be honest. I was told 2-3 years ago to stop drinking energy drinks cause I have a semi fatty liver, I switched to black coffee and it’s cause the pain as well. I completely stopped drinking coffee and switched to black tea as a source for my caffeine. Once I made the switch the pain went away, I would feel the pain when I would eat something really greasy like chicken wings and ranch dip due to this diet. I’ve Been doing dirty keto about 60% of the time and made a switch to eating the health keto diet. I do have a check up tmrw for this pain. Does anyone know if my blood levels will go up or readings will be off cause of my keto diet and has anyone ever felt this pain before? To add I have a strenuous job I am an aircraft mechanic and also o workout daily and walk a good 10-14,000 Steps a day.

4 months keto feeling sick
(Full Metal Keto) #2

The liver is on the right side. Did you lose a lot of weight, especially in your abdominal area? @Digital_Dave had three hernias become evident after losing a significant amount in the abdominal area. Or it could be the gall bladder since you notice it after fatty foods and it’s closer to the area I think you’re talking about. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Josh) #3

Yeah it’s on the middle left lower side of my rib and bottom left of my rib and my left shoulder blade. When I get the knots massaged out the pain would alleviate a bit. Mite be gall bladder stones who knows…

(Josh) #4

And yes most of my weight loss is around my abdominal area

(Alec) #5

Definitely a Dr job. Hope it’s not serious. Don’t let the doc talk you off keto.


I concur with Alec, but definitely make sure they test enough to know what it is, and not guess. Since there are so many things that can cause you to have this pain, just make sure it’s identified proper. … I actually knew I had one Hernia, which I had for 8 to 10 years, but the 87 lbs. I lost in 7 months was apparently helping to keep it at bay. But without the extra ‘support’ of that weight, the Hernia started protruding and didn’t want to go back in and finally got incarcerated, which in turn caused me to have to have Emergency Surgery. … But they did find three total during the surgery.

Just keep in mind that this may not even be related to your diet itself, but something that’s showing itself now for whatever reason? As to your mentioning of Caffeine, I couldn’t speak on that since I’ve always done Decaf, not caring much for Caffeine’s effects. … Good luck and hope you get it sorted.


I get pain there sometimes when I bend over to tie my shoes etc. I used to get a similar pain when I ran and assumed that was a muscle cramp. But I get it now sometimes when I’m sedentary and it turns out that’s the location of my spleen. Maybe my ribs impinge on it.

The gallbladder I had removed was on the other side and it too felt like a cramp near my heart.

So yeah. Doctor.

(Jane Ellis) #8

Liver is on the right side and is attached to the gallbladder also on the right. I’ve had some similar pains lately but just chalked it up to old age aches and pains. :roll_eyes:

(Josh) #9

Went to see my physician yesterday. I’ve lost 30 pounds. My numbers are 116/65 my heart rate per minute is 68 BPM. My blood test showed I have no issues just HDL cholesterol is slightly up and take vitamins. A thing to add too, I am. Marine corps combat veteran and have gone to war so he told me the pain you’re feeling is aches and muscle pain from your time in service so don’t worry to much about it you’re perfectly healthy no issues no cancerous things in any way.