Overeating nuts



I haven’t done sweetners…but it doesn’t stop me from drooling at the pics.

(Not a Chef) #22

I portion the nuts, put the container away, and then eat the nuts.

I’ve been pretty in tune with my satiety, but lately, I’ve been eating more out of boredom on the weekends. Not really blowing it, but snacking while my wife does her pottery or is at work. A cheese or two here, a nut serving there… pork rinds from 5404… nothing off plan, just not how I want to be eating. But then I have a more modest dinner.

(Bob M) #23

I weaned myself off low or zero calorie sweeteners a long time ago. They still cause an insulin response. I know this is heresy, but when I want something sweet, I usually eat the real thing. I just eat that very infrequently, mainly holidays, birthdays, etc.

(David Paterson) #24

definitely not the only one!

(Bob Johnson) #25

I think the extra fat from the butter may help you reach satiation. I use coconut oil, sprinkle a little salt in right after roasting them. And as soon as it’s cooled off to just warm, I pour the leftover cooking oil or butter, over the top of them a stick it in the freezer for a few minutes.

I’ve even taken some cocoa powder and melted it in butter, and poured it over the top of them after they get really cold. Makes a nice salty chocolate covered snack.

I haven’t eaten today yet, so I was thinking fasting. But if I stay in this thread any longer I’ll just give up and do it later. Because I can :cowboy_hat_face:

(charlie3) #26

I ended snacking six months before I knew anythinga about keto or low carb or metabolic illnesses. That helps a lot. The main reason I go to Costco is to get almonds and walnuts in those huge bags. The are always and only part of the lunch I carry to work. I eat only measured amounts. With those approaches nuts give me no problems.

When I was a little kid I’d walk into the kitchen after school and what would I hear, “No snacking, you’ll spoil your dinner!” How annoying, but they were right. There was no snacking before the low fat scare. Why did we forget? If I want a low carb treat it’s going to be desert, with a meal.

(Laurie) #28

No! Nuts are not satiating. I can go through a kilo of nuts in no time

Now I have nuts only occasionally for dessert. I count them out, e.g., 12 almonds (2.5 net carbs). I’ve barely made a dent in the large bag I opened several months ago. I keep them in the freezer; they freeze well. Previously I would have eaten the whole thing in maybe a week.


I limit myself to 30gm walnuts or almonds with my lunch a couple of times a week (unless I’m trying to stabalise or gain weight) but if we’re on holiday then all bets are off. Luckily we’re quite hermit-like so holidays away are a rare thing.

(Blessed with butter ) #30

As should be.

(Cheryl Meyers) #31

Perhaps it is more protein that you crave–try substituting jerky instead? I find that the hard-chewing stuff takes so long to chow down, that I don’t overeat it! and it fills me up more than nuts. I too love peanut butter, and had to give up the Skippy type for the nothing-added type, which I don’t like so much and so don’t eat as often. Also, salt helps cut cravings.

(Cheyenne) #32

Yes, I use to go through a whole jar in 2 days, including legendary brands. So I bought the natural almond butter and I don’t like it as much so I’ll eat two tablespoons and be done.

(Robert C) #33

I was lucky enough to discover that raw nuts (which are healthiest anyway - I assume) were fine for me. Salted and roasted wouldn’t stay on the shelf long.

You should be happy you’ve solidly identified an issue (i.e. not even raw is okay - so maybe more psychological than anything else). You can avoid buying nuts, avoid foods with whole or crushed nuts, regift or throw away any nuts you get over the holidays etc. You can be happily at war with nuts.

You could leave pieces of chocolate cake around my house and find them all untouched until I finally threw them out. But, if a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese, butter, milk and (the secret best-tasting-mac-and-cheese-ingredient) sour cream are all in the house at the same time - it would be a matter of minutes before a golden pot of goodness was being scooped from!

So, same with your newfound knowledge on triggering nuts - I know if I am making a mistake if I even start to go down the isle at the store with the pasta.

(Marie) #34

I only buy raw, unsalted nuts - much less addicting. I usually get them at Costco or Trader Joe’s. I can have a few and I’m satisfied.

(Justin Jordan) #35

I can’t keep large containers of nuts in the house, as I’ll overeat, Oddly, I CAN keep small individually packed servings of them. around more successfully.

That said, I currently just buy a small pack when I want one.


I have always had a small almond addiction problem. Dividing into small packs doesn’t work, it just ensures I overeat them in predetermined increments. I do once in a while buy a small overpriced pack. Works out better that way.

(Mike Glasbrener) #37

I love Costco Macadamia nuts. It’s a managed addiction.:slightly_smiling_face:

(Heather Meyer) #38

Rofl… i can just see it now…

“Honey… i want some toasted nuts”
“No problem Dear…let me just gargle with some gasoline”

(Carl Keller) #39

When I bought small pouches I felt obligated to eat the entire pouch. SInce I’ve been buying in bulk, it has been easier to restrain myself. I will take 10 macadamians out of the container, put the container back in the fridge, then toss the macs in my mouth and walk away. Or I put them on my salad along with a tablespoon of sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds are loaded with B vitamins, vitamin E and the minerals calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and selenium…


I’m having this problem. Lately, I’ve become obsessed with eating pecans. I feel like I’ve replaced sugar with nuts. Instead of reaching for candy, I reach for pecans. And I eat them…and eat them…and eat them! I’m not gaining weight because I portion them off and know the amount I can have in a day to fit in my carbs for the day, but it’s becoming a bad habit.

(Laurie) #41

I used to inhale nuts, but I tried to control myself when I went keto.

So I had a kilo of almonds from Costco in the freezer. I’d occasionally allow myself half an ounce (12 almonds). Then it went up to a whole ounce (24 almonds). And then after a few months I realized the almonds were beginning to taste like “freezer,” so I added seasoning and toasted a bunch. And ate the batch.

I’m not going to buy nuts any more.