Opinions would be greatly appreciated!

(Short224) #1

Ok guys please don’t bash me I’ve tried so much I have been on Keto over a year lost 25 pounds and that’s about what it’s been since . I did Omad and fasting I can only do 24 hrs not sure why it’s something I’ve never been able to do . So here is the question exogenous Ketones I know a waste of money people say but I’m thinking maybe they will help me with not eating for a few days since I can’t seem to do it without at least one meal and yes I know they break a fast but it would be like an egg fast or water fast that will just be how I would fast thoughts ?


(Susan) #2

Hi Stacey =).Have you tried to maybe eliminate some things from your diet for a bit, sometimes things we are eating can cause us to stall too.

I found out for me personally there were a few things.

Some people find having artificial sweeteners can , even something as simple as Gum. Others find if they eliminate dairy for a bit that can break a stall. Coffee can be another thing. For me, personally it was Coconut Oil, so for now (maybe always, I haven’t decided yet but for now) I have eliminated all of those things above from my diet, because I have been like you, wanting to move the scale.

Fasting isn’t for everyone; I like it personally, but some people just hate it, which is fine. You have to do what will work for your own body, which is why I suggested maybe it is something in your diet you can stop eating for a bit and see if that helps =). Nuts are one of the stall items for some people, or if they are eating too much fat. Just some ideas. I hope it will break for you and that you can continue your weight loss.

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I have went carnivore and even gave up my Diet Pepsi thinking that was the culprit my body is holding on to these last 20 pounds I am going to keep going I won’t give up because I know how good I feel at least but losing that last bit will definitely give me the confidence I need for sure . Thank you for your feedback Susan

(Susan) #4

You are welcome, I have been stalled for a while now too, so I understand the frustration, I hope we both break our stalls soon =). I have lost 39 and have 130 to go, so I can relate to what you are going through.

(Carl Keller) #5

For sure, water won’t break a fast. Eggs will but are low enough in carbs that it might help get the scale moving. It won’t hurt to try it. And BTW, OMAD is a form of fasting.


You could get a ketone boost from MCT or cocnut oil without the expense of exogenous. But if you’re fasting for more tham a short time, you’ll see a natural increase in ketones anyway. Also, if you don’t have a lot of weight to lose (like 50 lbs or so) it may be you need to supplement some fat with as little protein and carbs as possible during your fast to meet your energy requirements.

@David_Stilley recently documented his fat fast here:

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Thank you @carolT I am going to give this a try !

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@Short224 I recently did a four day Fat Fast, about 100g of fat per day. I did lose 10 lbs but sadly they all came back in about the same time. I am going to try shorter versions with less fat, maybe two days to see how that works out. I should warn you that a couple of others who tried it used only coconut oil or coconut butter and got gastric distress. I used mostly animal fat and some MCT oil in coffee. If you do it long enough you may get a bit of diarrhea so be careful. I wish my results had lasted, I was eating pretty normal, on the light side after the fast. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Bob M) #9

If you’ve not tried MCT oil, you might want to try some before you use it for fasting. I’ve found my body hates that stuff. Even a teaspoon is too much for me. And that’s taken with full meals. I’ve tried three times to take MCT oil, and three times I’ve thrown it away.

The only one I’ve tried that causes a minimal amount of distress is Brain Octane Fuel and powdered MCT. The former causes less distress, the latter none but has other issues (it’s expensive and the binders might be an issue).

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WTH I didn’t know this…damn. That really sucks.

(Short224) #11

I actually have never tried MCT oil I guess I always figured it was something you could use but, it wouldn’t make a difference I might try it as well and start of small is this something that may actually benefit me or is it minimal?

(Susan) #12

I did not know this either! =((

(Full Metal Keto) #13

I have been waiting to see how it panned out before posting my final result. :cowboy_hat_face:

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MCT oil or Medium Chain Triglycerides is extracted from coconut oil, which has them. If you’re okay with coconut oil it may be okay. So the main difference with coconut oil and MCT oil is that they go directly from the digestive system into your blood and to the liver to be rapidly turned into ketones. It’s quickly done where other fats must go through the lymphatic system before reaching the liver for processing into ketones. That’s one reason it’s part of BPC, because it gives almost instant energy. It’s pretty much pure instant keto rocket fuel. It’s not necessary by any means but it does stay in a liquid state where coconut oil turns solid somewhere around 75F. So you can use it in salad dressings too or anything you want coconut oil in without it turning solid. MCT oil is flavorless too, almost like thick water.
So it doesn’t make coffee taste like a coconut. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Susan) #15

It makes the coffee realllllly oily, though, just a warning.

(Full Metal Keto) #16

It does not if you use a tiny whisk or frother to mix it thoroughly, othwise it floats. Same with butter. Getting is partially emulsified is key. I put it in a mason jar with a lid and shake the bejesus out of it.


(Susan) #17

OKay, thanks for the tip, David, I did not know this =).

(Full Metal Keto) #18

@Momof5 I got the jar thing from @Sharon_E :confused:


(Jacqueline Porter) #19

I’m betting you did get some benefits from your fast @David_Stilley ! Them clapped out old cells don’t weigh much, and maybe you are still chewing em up😉
Something good would have happened.

(Bob M) #20

I can hack coconut oil, at least for the amounts I use (and I don’t use it that often, preferring animal fats for cooking at least), but I can’t hack MCT oil. Not sure why.